Washing Day in a Glamorous Way

I couldn’t believe how much Cadillac, my new German Shepherd puppy was growing. She seemed to be getting bigger and bigger with every day that passed. Therefore, I knew that I better start capturing these precious moments, before they slipped away and were gone forever.  I mean, how much longer would my gorgeous girl fit inside my washing basket for?  With that, I grabbed my camera and made the most of my opportunity.

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Pinup, Puppy & Washing LinePinup & Washing Line Photo Shoot

For this shoot, I chose for myself, a gorgeous ‘Emma’ style Vivien of Holloway dress from Christine’s.  It was a limited edition print called ‘Scallop Rose’ in a lilac colour.   This sassy little number also featured an elegant crisp white collar and V back with a full skirt and slightly dropped (and super flattering) piped star waistline.

Pinup & GSD Puppy Washing Line Photo ShootPinup & Puppy Washing Day Photo Shoot

These ‘Emma’ dresses were actually so popular that they completely sold out, not too long after they arrived here in Australia, from where they are made in the UK. As some of the Vivien of Holloway designs and fabrics are limited editions, dresses like this one are unfortunately no longer available once sold out.  Even though this style is not being made anymore, there are plenty of other stunning 1940s and 50s vintage reproduction garments available from the Christine’s website, as well as from a number of other fabulous stockists.

Pinup & Puppy in Washing Basket

Since no outfit would be complete without stockings, I chose out some classic seams from the collection available at my studio.  These ones are style # 4960, which feature Cuban heels and back seams, adding a touch of glamour to every outfit, especially when worn with a fierce red lipstick. The one that I decided to wear for this photo shoot is a ‘Blu-Red’ shade coupled with some ‘glossy gloss’ from Pout Perfection. This kiss-proof formula sure is impressive! If you would like to know more about it, You can check out my review HERE!)

Ultimately, a few dolly pegs and a bra strap was sacrificed in order to create these images, but I’m pretty sure that it was totally worth it!  I am always going to cherish these photos of our very first puppy and pinup photo shoot together. ❤

♥ Mallory xoxox

Pinup & Puppy Photo Shoot

German Shepherd Puppy in Washing BasketGerman Shepherd Puppy in Basket of WashingGerman Shepherd Puppy eating clothes pegsGerman Shepherd Puppy chewing washing pegsGerman Shepherd Puppy chewing bra strap

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German Shepherd Puppy & Rose

German Shepherd Puppy & Roses

German Shepherd Puppy & chewed up roses

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4 Responses to Washing Day in a Glamorous Way

  1. Sebastian Saitta says:

    Hi Mallory I love what you have done here. The combination of you your pup the style thought effort and critique. I would love to share this on my page. How do I do that? Knowing how intelligent you are I know you will be able to help me me. My first thought was via a link (cut and paste) though then I thought there may be a way to share straight from your page. Sabe 🙂

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    • Thank you, Sabe. That is very kind of you. I usually also copy and paste the link myself, however if you scroll riiiiiiight down to the bottom of my posts, there should also be a bunch of sharing buttons for a number of different social mediums. Many thanks for your support. You are awesome! ✌️


  2. Boss says:

    Great blog, love the cute adorable puppy and the photos are amazing ❤️

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