Newborn Photography

Children grow up so fast, so why not let us capture this special time for you to cherish the memory forever?  For those beautiful, sleepy curled poses, we recommend photographing your precious newborn at approximately 6-10 days old.

We have a huge range of both modern and vintage props and accessories, including pedal cars, vintage prams, little wooden row boats, vintage basins, baskets, suitcases and much, much more! We also have a lovely range of stunning vintage babies clothes and crocheted outfits for your baby to wear.  In our consultation before your photography session, we can discuss your hobbies and interests or ideas so that we can reflect these in the images that we create for you.  Of coarse, if there is a special heirloom, toy, pair of shoes or even a hat that you would like included in your photographs, we welcome you to bring it along to your session for that extra personal touch and meaning.

We offer a great choice of packages for any budget which are ALL-INCLUSIVE of full resolution  signature images on a custom-printed disc and there are NO HIDDEN FEES OR COSTS.  The disc containing your photographs is presented in a beautiful faux leather photo frame album inside a gift box.  If you have any questions or would like to book a shoot, please contact us.  We suggest that you get in touch with us during your pregnancy so that we can make a tentative booking, then after your baby arrives, we can confirm a suitable date and time.

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