A little bit about Mallory Holley

G’day!  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Mallory Holley and I am an Aussie photographer, blogger and speed queen. 

Born into a ‘petrol-head’ family, I was named by my loving parents after car part manufacturers; ‘Mallory Ignitions’ and ‘Holley Carburettors’.  Many nights as a little girl, all bathed and ready for bed, I would sneak out into the garage with my Daddy. I’d wipe the dust off the treasure hidden in the very far corner.

That treasure was the very first model Holden, a 48-215, or more commonly known as the ‘FX’. She was such a beauty that, through the dust, cobwebs and spiders that covered her, I was ever so in love.  That love grew as I grew, and evolved into everything that makes me today.

I adore dressing like a retro barbie doll in corsets, wiggle dresses, swinging skirts, bright red lipstick, seamed stockings and mega high heels (or cowboy boots). I love makeup, music, vintage fashion and hoarding all things vintage in general.

I also love classic and muscle cars, hotrods, ratrods and trucks.  I am particularly infatuated with finned Cadillacs, Corvettes and early model Holdens.  Unsurprisingly, I drive a few classic Holdens and Chevys.  I have also accumulated a collection of project cars, which are apparently breeding!

Cruise Night Anchor dress Vivien of ZHolloway FJ Holden Mallory

Taken at the end of the cruise night after almost everyone had left.

Mallory Holley vintage thrifted outfit and 1965 C10 Chevy Pickup

I certainly live, breathe, wear, drive, write about and photograph the things that I love from bygone eras. My passions underlie what I photograph and recreate in my art.  I have always loved being creative in my painting, sewing, writing or even in the way I dress, however photography has always been my favourite medium.

I have had a camera in my hands since I can remember! In fact, when I was a child, I’d save up all my pocket money to pay for film (and developing) for my little 35mm Kodak that had pretty much as many functions as a disposable film camera.  I would then dress up the dogs, guinea pigs, rabbits, chickens or ponies in whatever I found as a suitable fit.  I would sometimes even apply their makeup, usually with coloured zinc cream, style their hair and create little glamour shoots. Often my mother would find the odd few photos on her film rolls here and there, when I had mischievously ‘borrowed’ her camera.  She had this fancy Canon, which was usually deemed to be sacred, yet it was much more exciting and appealing to use than my own.

I am a lot older than that now and offer a much more professional service, I
assure you!  Although I still photograph animals,whether pets or Aussie wildlife, I don’t usually dress them up in Barbie clothes or items raided from my Mum’s linen closet anymore.

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0128.
These days,  I enjoy helping to promote businesses with commercial photography, photographing babies, children, couples and of course, transforming women into a pinup models for the day.

I greatly admire Bunny Yeager, Betty Page, Marilyn Monroe and pin-up art created by Gil Elvgren and Pearl Frush, which inspire a lot of my work.  I enjoy helping my clients look and feel beautiful and proving that anyone can be a pinup model, no matter what age they are, or what number is written on the label in their dress.

Although I graduated from university with a Bachelor of Laws (with honours), I had a taste of many amazing photography electives within my degree.  I never imagined that taking a bunch of self portraits for a studio photography assignment would lead me into a career that encompassed something that was completely different from what I thought I’d do for anything more than a hobby or what I set out to do, but here I am.  You can’t totally plan life, so you might as well live it and do what you love!

So with my love for helping people to feel great and capturing memories in the form of unique photographs for them to cherish forever, I decided to live my dream.  It was then that Mallory Holley Studios was born.

I specialise in vintage inspired photography for speed queens and greasers! But that’s not all I do… 😉

I also love to share my kustom kulture lifestyle, including my love for pinups, old-skool cars and everything vintage on my High Heels & Whitewall Wheels blog which I started back in 2011.  You can read about my blog HERE and even get a FREE SUBSCRIPTION to it, if you like!

My most recent accomplishment has been launching my very own YouTube channel, where I hope to bring my blog to a whole new level with video. Please feel free to subscribe and share my channel to help it to grow.

I hope to inspire and encourage others who share my passions. XXXX

Pinup, Puppy & Washing Line


MalloryHolleyPhotography_Heart of Haute_Monique_9631


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