Nowhere to go in iso 2.0

It is a pretty crazy, confusing and unprecedented time that we find ourselves living in, but congratulations on passing the half-way mark of 2020.

Here in Melbourne, we are in lockdown yet again. Therefore with really nowhere to go in iso, I blew the dust off my camera and decided to take some photos with my fur babies. They didn’t mind either, mostly because carrots.

After a few candid snaps and having the remote to my camera almost swallowed by my much too inquisitive buckskin horse, I took a couple more shots with my Chevy pickup and Cadillac (my dog). However, this was soon cut short as I raced some gloomy rain clouds and rapidly lost light.  

Nevertheless, I really wanted to share with y’all my new (and super freakin’ cute) novelty bag from Wicker Darling. Usually I’d channel some pure western cowgirl vibes with this lovely gingham halter neck dress from Christines, but why not throw a tropical bird into the mix, just for a change?

Designed in Melbourne by Jasmine, this delightful creation is called ‘Talulah the Toucan’ and was named by her customers. Jasmine said ‘I took a few suggestions… and then put it to a vote. I’m all about customer input!’

In fact, it was her customers that actually inspired Jasmine to design this bag in the first place, which is a limited edition with only 50 of them being produced. 

‘I had initially said I wouldn’t do a toucan because it would be impossible to balance, but customers kept asking so … I did my best!’ she told me.

I can testify that she sure did an amazing job, but beyond beautiful bags there are some strong ethics underpinning this boss lady’s business. 

‘Wicker Darling handbags are handmade by a small, family-owned company in the Philippines who employ weavers and artisans specialising in traditional Filipino craftsmanship. To minimise carbon footprint and maximise benefits to local communities, rattan is sustainably harvested by hand from neighbouring co-ops and farmers. Weaving is done by hand, employing traditional techniques which keep local arts and crafts traditions alive, but also providing employment opportunities to men and particularly women; many weavers are mothers or older women who are afforded the opportunity to work from home, supplementing family income.’

I really do love the thoughtfulness behind this brand, in addition to the quirky novelty bags, which Jasmine usually releases via pre-order.

I’d definitely recommend that you check out the Wicker Darling Instagram page to peep at her other cute and colourful creations and join her entertaining e-newsletter if you’d like to be notified of her new releases.

If you are a cat-lover you will also be delighted to hear that Jasmine’s next release will be not one but TWO kitty designs.  These also come with a cute coin-hoarding rodent friend to be clipped to their collars, or dropped straight into their bellies if you would so desire. There will however be only 45 of each produced, so again I would encourage you to join her e-newsletter to be notified when these purr boys are ready for preorder.  

Do be warned, however. With so many adorable designs, once you introduce one Wicker Darling bag into your wardrobe, you may become rather addicted. At least handbags will always fit you though.

With this cheerful toucan bag being one of my favorites, I am sure that you will see her again in my future blog posts and YouTube videos.

Until then, much love and stay safe!

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox


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Outfit details: 

Dresses: Christines
Petticoats: Christines 

Bag: Wicker Darling
Cowboy boots: from the 1980s
Heels: Shoe Me 

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RoadTrip Adventures & Vintage Shopping Thrift Haul

In a time before a horrid virus swept across our plannet Earth, we set out in the early hours of the morning on a long drive. We had all the best intentions to look at a Chevy BelAir for a project car. After all, the answer to how many cars one has is never enough!

However, when we finally arrived there, we met a rather unexpected sight. We anticipated something in need of a full resto but what lie in the long grass, was far beyond. As much as I’d love to save them all, sometimes this just isn’t possible.

It’s just one of those things. If you don’t go, you might miss out on something good. If you go, you might as well drag the trailer along for the ride, but if there’s no good vibes, you just go home empty handed.

However, I did get to finally go to some towns that I had always wanted to visit, saw some cool things and I got to go vintage shopping and that ain’t a bad thing! When things don’t go to plan, you gotta make the most of it anyway. So I did! I had a great day and made memories and picked up some vintage treasures (and bargains) that I otherwise would never have found if I hadn’t ventured out to look at that car.

You don’t know if you never go. Regardless of the destination, road trips always leave you with stories to tell and memories to keep.

I hope that you enjoy watching the little video that I made.  You can check it out below, or watch it on my new YouTube channel:

Please feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already or even share it with your friends. Your support means a hella lot to me.

I thought that I’d share a few of my favourite moments from my video too, since surprisingly I didn’t take any photos. First times for everything, hey?!

Please stay safe during this crazy, unprecedented time.

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox


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Vic Z Car 20 Xmas BBQ

The Vic Z Car 2019 Christmas barbecue was a wonderful family day, dedicated to 240Z and 260Z cars and others of interest.

I had such a grouse time there, with all the awesome people and cars in the beautiful sunshine. We certainly couldn’t have asked for a better day and I was super excited finally attend my very first cruise event with my 1972 Corvette Stingray.

I hope that you enjoy this little video that I made to share with y’all. Happy Christmas to each and every one of you and best wishes for the New Year.

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox

VIC Z BBQ 2019 '72 Corette


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Halloween Outfit Ideas

With Halloween approaching, I wanted to share with y’all some vintage and alternative inspired Halloween outfits that can easily be transformed into everyday looks and vice versa. I hope to inspire you with my ideas and just share some pieces that I really love.

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If you fancy being a wild devil woman this Halloween, you might love the Bettie Page Lingerie “Devil Outfit” by Playful Promises as much as I do. Although this is a costume, it is totally wearable for everyday looks too. Perhaps just without the horns and tail, though!

My other ideas utilise some beautiful black dresses as witch and vampire costumes.  The ones that I chose to wear are from both Christine’s and Restyle. Unlike the devil bodysuit, they are not primarily designed to be a costume, but can easily be transformed into one that is perfectly wearable to a Halloween party or for whatever your plans might be!

Usually the key to a great Halloween outfit is in a few essential accessories and the makeup.  If all else fails, you can always wear a white sheet and dress as a ghost.

I hope that you enjoy my video. Please feel free to chat with me in the comments selection below and let me know what your outfit ideas and plans are for this Halloween. I’d love to hear them!

I hope that y’all have an amazing Halloween!

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox


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P.S. I am hella grateful to all of you who have subscribed to my channel. Your support means a lot to me and is really helping me to establish my new channel, where I bring my blog to a whole new level with videos.  Thanks for coming along for the roadtrip.  If you enjoyed my video, please share it with your friends. I love you all! Xo


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BMX Show & Thrift Haul

One Sunday morning, we went for a cruise in a 1963 Chevy Impala wagon, to a town called Hurstbridge in Victoria, to see the BMX Show and Shine at the Wattle Festival.

Afterwards, I simply could not resist having a bo peep at the op shop and a market stall, on my way back to the car. I scored an amber depression glass dish, some shoes, and a bread box. I’ve created a little video for my YouTube channel to share my adventures and treasures with y’all.  I also thought that I’d share some of my other recent finds as part of a thrift haul. Some are vintage and others are just cool, like a giant cupcake that cooks little cupcakes kinda cool.

I am hella grateful to all of you who have subscribed to my channel. Thank you so much! Your support means a lot to me and is really helping me to establish my new home on YouTube, where I bring my blog to a whole new level with videos. Thanks for coming along for the roadtrip. If you enjoyed my video, please share it with your friends. I love you all!

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox

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RoadTrip to GreazeFest in a 1963 Chevy Impala

The best moments happen when they are unplanned. 

Hence, on a whim, I decided to go on a roadtrip in a 1963 Chevy Impala wagon, with my best friend.  We wanted to abandon the chilly winter weather of Victoria and head all the way up the east coast of Australia to sunny Queensland, especially to attend the GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival.

That’s approximately 1800km and about 19 hours of driving, only one way. Then add that again to get back home.  Nevertheless, I thought that it was now or never to follow my heart and I hoped to share the exciting journey with y’all. So I aspired to make a video and take a heap of photos too!

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After two long days of freeway, freeway and more freeway, we finally made it to our friend’s place in Queensland.

We caught up with some mates, had an awesome night out in Surfers Paradise with plenty of delicious cocktails.  The next morning, we finally arrived at GreazeFest!

It was there that many beautiful vehicles and artworks graced our eyeballs whilst we enjoyed some killer live rockabilly music. I loved that you could even enjoy the bands whilst browsing the trade stalls and numerous rows of bikes, trucks, hotrods, ratrods, muscle and classic cars.

One thing that I really loved about this festival was how it also embraced art. Not only was there a dedicated art exhibition tent, but also many talented Aussie artists had individual stalls to sell their work.  Wolfman Cam, a Melbourne pinstripe, lowbrow and resinhead artist, had loads of one-off pieces, including vintage hand-painted soda-siphons, handsaws, ceramic fuel tanks, plaques and panels.  These were all displayed on top of a cheerfully coloured Mexican blanket inside his stall.

There were also some incredible extraterrestrial illustrations and retro painting corrections from Giles Kilham AKA ‘Fat Ankle’ and a whole heap of other radness at the No Guts, No Glory, Australia stall.

When it came to the ceramic tikis though, I certainly did not resist the urge to adopt a collection of them from Tiki Dylan’s Idol Hands, Wayne Hoareau’s Wild tHing Creations and Danielle Mann’s Black Lagoon Designs.  After all, you can never have too many tiki mugs on your bar, especially when purchasing them supports awesome Aussie artists.

Much alike tiki mugs, a girl can never have too many hair flowers either.  Hence, when my friend and I were checking out Miz Smitten Kitten’s stall, one of her vibrant floral arrangements featuring a little resin tiki caught my eye and I simply could not leave it behind.  I also bought some sparkly resin cactus and tiki earrings, since I forgot to pack some pretty earrings in my rush to leave.

I truly enjoyed browsing all of the fabulous stalls from Aussie Kustom Kulture businesses that were trading at the festival. Although I couldn’t possibly buy everything at every stall, as much as I wanted to, it was really nice to have a bo peep and catch up with all the lovely people there.

A massive highlight at GreazeFest was certainly winning the King Kroozer award, because I have never won a trophy at a car show before.  I also really enjoyed making new friends and chatting to them about their classics or custom builds and of course catching up with long-time friends too.  I felt incredibly inspired by all the amazing cars, bikes, trucks, music, people and art.  I am so grateful to Lori Lee and all the team at Robot Productions for all of their hard work in creating this wonderful festival that celebrates our Kustom Kulture.

On the days following the festival, we spent time with some more friends and visited a superlative treasure trove called 20thCentury Antiques and Collectables in Coolangatta.  It was there that we also saw Danielle Mann from Black Lagoon Designs.

We were having so much fun in Queensland, but unfortunately our time in this sunny paradise had to come to an end, so we headed to the highway. Whilst we were driving, we spotted a bright pink FX Holden perched on top of a verandah of this cute old house, so naturally we had to stop to take a closer look and a hella lot of photos.  This place was Gold Coast Wreckers.

We spent the rest of that day and the next driving, but did manage to briefly stop off for a few photos at some iconic landmarks in New South Wales.  These included the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour and the Big Marino in Golbourn.

Eventually, we made it back to Melbourne and back to its chilly winter.  Although this remarkable trip had to come to an end, I will forever keep the wonderful memories that we created.

I know that it has felt like forever since I have last shared anything with y’all on my blog.  For a long time, I have wanted to bring this and everything that I love to a whole new medium, but it has been quite a challenge with a lot to learn and a lot of work.  I may also be guilty of adopting a couple more cars that have required much of my attention and spare time in the garage.

This is just the start of a new journey where I bring my blog to a whole new level with videos. I know that my film is far from perfect, but I am proud of myself for giving it a go.  It’s better than having regrets of opportunities that I never took. I just wish I did this years ago but hey, better late than never.

Go for your dreams and always follow your heart.  Life should be about memories.  Don’t wait for them, create them.

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox

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Also, please feel free to let me know what you would like to see me create future videos about. I appreciate your thoughts and support immensely.

Here is a list of links that I thought you might like to check out…

Websites to check out:
No Guts, No Glory Australia:
Tiki Dylan’s Idol Hands:
Black Lagoon Designs:

Instagram accounts to follow:
Wolfman Cam Designs: @wolfmancam
Fat Ankle: @fatankle
No Guts, No Glory Australia: @ngngaustralia
Tiki Dylan’s Idol Hands: @tikidylan
Black Lagoon Designs: @blacklagoondesigns
Wild tHing Creations: @wildthingcreations
20thCentury Antiques & Collectables: @20thcenturyantiquescoolangatta
GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival: @greazefest

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Washing Day in a Glamorous Way

I couldn’t believe how much Cadillac, my new German Shepherd puppy was growing. She seemed to be getting bigger and bigger with every day that passed. Therefore, I knew that I better start capturing these precious moments, before they slipped away and were gone forever.  I mean, how much longer would my gorgeous girl fit inside my washing basket for?  With that, I grabbed my camera and made the most of my opportunity.

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Pinup, Puppy & Washing LinePinup & Washing Line Photo Shoot

For this shoot, I chose for myself, a gorgeous ‘Emma’ style Vivien of Holloway dress from Christine’s.  It was a limited edition print called ‘Scallop Rose’ in a lilac colour.   This sassy little number also featured an elegant crisp white collar and V back with a full skirt and slightly dropped (and super flattering) piped star waistline.

Pinup & GSD Puppy Washing Line Photo ShootPinup & Puppy Washing Day Photo Shoot

These ‘Emma’ dresses were actually so popular that they completely sold out, not too long after they arrived here in Australia, from where they are made in the UK. As some of the Vivien of Holloway designs and fabrics are limited editions, dresses like this one are unfortunately no longer available once sold out.  Even though this style is not being made anymore, there are plenty of other stunning 1940s and 50s vintage reproduction garments available from the Christine’s website, as well as from a number of other fabulous stockists.

Pinup & Puppy in Washing Basket

Since no outfit would be complete without stockings, I chose out some classic seams from the collection available at my studio.  These ones are style # 4960, which feature Cuban heels and back seams, adding a touch of glamour to every outfit, especially when worn with a fierce red lipstick. The one that I decided to wear for this photo shoot is a ‘Blu-Red’ shade coupled with some ‘glossy gloss’ from Pout Perfection. This kiss-proof formula sure is impressive! If you would like to know more about it, You can check out my review HERE!)

Ultimately, a few dolly pegs and a bra strap was sacrificed in order to create these images, but I’m pretty sure that it was totally worth it!  I am always going to cherish these photos of our very first puppy and pinup photo shoot together. ❤

♥ Mallory xoxox

Pinup & Puppy Photo Shoot

German Shepherd Puppy in Washing BasketGerman Shepherd Puppy in Basket of WashingGerman Shepherd Puppy eating clothes pegsGerman Shepherd Puppy chewing washing pegsGerman Shepherd Puppy chewing bra strap

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German Shepherd Puppy & Rose

German Shepherd Puppy & Roses

German Shepherd Puppy & chewed up roses

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Some exciting news for Christine’s and Vivien of Holloway

Aiming to ‘make the world a more fabulous and glamorous place’, the UK clothing label called Vivien of Holloway produce an exquisite range of dresses and separates that embody ‘the charm of authentic vintage’ with the ‘ease of care to suit modern lifestyles’.  Each of these are available in a ‘range of sizes to fit and flatter modern figures.’ 

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Fashion designer, Vivien Wilson and I at the Christine’s 2017 ‘Meet the Maker’ Shop Party

Fashion designer, Vivien Wilson

Fashion designer, Vivien Wilson

For the last 10 years, we have been able to try on these lovely clothes at Christine’s, which was Australia’s sole stockist of this quality reproduction brand.  Christine’s also hosted some exquisite events such as craft markets, fashion shows, live rockabilly music from cool bands and of course all the shop parties.  Located in the quirky Melbourne city of Fitzroy, the beautiful tiki themed garden at the back of the shop, dubbed the ‘Hula Hangout’ was the perfect venue to have a rockin’ good time.    

I’m wearing a Vivien of Holloway Jezebel wiggle dress featuring a red leopard print bust and peplum

Although now the door of Christine’s Fitzoy shop has closed, another door has opened to bring the high quality garments from Vivien of Holloway to many amazing boutiques and stockists throughout Australia and New Zeland! 

Excited about this new expansion, Christine hopes that soon you won’t have to travel too far to try and buy an amazing new outfit.  In fact, some wonderful stores such as Kiss KissBang in New South Wales and Vicious Venus in Melbourne are already stocking the beautiful Vivien of Holloway garments.  We will also be offering a selection of the glamorous range right here at the Mallory Holley Studios.   

Of course, you can still continue to purchase directly from or from Christine’s new showroom, which is located in the Melbourne suburb of  Carrum Downs.  You are most welcome to visit anytime by contacting Christine directly on 0417 144 169 to arrange an appointment for a personal shopping experience.

Christine’s shop and Hula Hangout might not be located in Fitzroy anymorehowever we will all treasure our memories of the fabulous parties, such as the exclusive ‘Meet the Maker’ one earlier this year.  On this occasion, caught up with Vivien Wilson, the talented designer and boss lady of this vintage reproduction brand as well as some other wonderful people...  aaaaand I also took my camera, so that I could share some pics with y’all.  

I had such a delightful time enjoying delicious treats and sipping champagne garnished with strawberries in the company of some stunning pinup dolls, including fellow bloggers Miss Dita Maltese and Miss Maddy Sews.  Each of us spent the evening chatting and dressing like vintage godesses in as many of Vivien’s elegant designs as our heart so desired.  

Vintage fashion blogger, Miss Maddy Sews

Vintage fashion bloggers, Miss Dita Maltese and Miss Maddy Sews

Vintage fashion blogger, Miss Dita Maltese

Miss Jenny Krohn and Miss Dita Maltese

Miss Jenny Krohn and Miss Dita Maltese

Christine's 2017 Meet the Maker of Vivien of Holloway Party

It is happy memories such as these that I will always treasure in my heart forever whilst I reminisce on Christine’s beautiful tiki haven, but I am also very excited about everything that the future holds.  It will be so wonderful to be able to walk into stores across Australia and New Zealand to try on and buy the glamorous Vivien of Holloway garments.  

Until next time, happy new year and I wish y’all the best for 2018.

 Mallory xoxox

P.S. To receive news of new designs and products and to be notified of the next event to get involved in, just email to be added to their exclusive mailing list.  Alternatively, you can stay connected with Christine’s on both Facebook and via following @shopatchristines on Instagram.  

P.P.S. For those who are interested in stocking Vivien of Holloway, feel free to also get in touch with Christine via emailing 

P.P.P.S. The lipstick that I am wearing in these pics is the fabulous ‘Electric Tangerine’ shade of LipSense, coated in some glossy gloss from Pout Perfection.  You might like to read my review of this awesome product HERE.

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Just Be Yourself

Back when I was a teenager, what essentially started as the thrill of sifting through piles of vinyl records during my regular visits to op shops in pursuit of music that I actually liked, quickly escalated into also searching for inexpensive and unique outfits. I loved this because that way I could express my creativity AND have more money to put towards my car.

Come to think of it though, I always LOVED wearing hand-me-downs as a kid… Even if, typical of the 80s fashion, my clothes encompassed every colour in the whole wide world… all at once. Or alternatively, I’d just wear every colour in a packet of highlighters, also all at once.

Much alike my approach toward choosing colours as a kid, I still can’t decide on a single style, so I will often simultaneously channel multiple decades of vintage fashion. Even if there is a rule book floating around somewhere, which apparently there is since those tabloid magazines like preaching from it, no one should have the authority to dictate to us what we should and should not wear anyway.

I have always believed that fashion should be a reflection of our personality. The world is such a beautiful and interesting place to live in because it is made up of unique individuals. So why not just be yourself? After all, no one can do it better! Allow what you wear to reflect your taste or even your mood. Wear what makes YOU feel good, what works for your body shape or what YOU find comfortable. And most certainly, wear whatever YOU like.

And why should it all stop at your wardrobe? Creativity has no limits, so why not extend your expression of self to your hairstyle, makeup or even how you choose to furnish and decorate your house? I sure do!

By the way, I wanted to show y’all my fabulous makeup brush roll from Twisted Retro. I just adore it so much!

This handy roll is totally my style, constructed from pink finned Cadillac car and leopard print fabric. I love the clear PVC strip too, as I can stash small, easily misplaced items inside such as tweezers AND actually see them!  Being mostly cotton, this organiser is super easy to clean because let’s admit it, makeup can get pretty messy. When necessary, I just hand wash mine in cold water and then hang it up somewhere to dry.

Just like the retro rag rollers that I’ve previously reviewed, there are loads of limited edition ready-made options to choose from at the Twisted Retro Store. However, if you are a serious makeup brush addict, please note that the rolls to house a hundred or more brushes are only available through custom order only. If this is the case, these babies can also be created from your choice of unique fabrics from the Twisted Retro sewing room. There are literally hundreds of fabrics in to choose from including styles such as rockabilly, psychobilly, girlie, gothic and more! In addition to plain and printed cottons, there are even faux leathers and pretty sparkly vinyl too!

Of course, this one was kustom-made to suit me. I already had a smaller one that I’ve had for years. Nevertheless, as my Zoeva makeup brushes started breeding, I ended up requiring a bigger brush roll to house them. Now due to underestimating the fertility of my makeup brushes, I have two of these beautiful things. Sorry, not sorry!

If you would like your own, feel free to check out the Twisted Retro Etsy Store for some ready-made beauties that are good to go.  Alternatively you can message Sue (the mastermind that creates them) on Facebook or email if you would like a kustom-made one that reflects your personality, passion or whatever would be practical for you.

Anyway… until next time, always be you and stay true. Be what lights you up! After all, Coco Chanel apparently once said that beauty ‘begins the moment you decide to be yourself’ and life should really be a beautiful thing.

 Mallory Holley XXXX


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P.P.S. my glossy lippy is from Pout Perfection in the Blu-Red shade, which I think is a total makeup bag staple! (You can check out my review HERE!)

Outfit Details:

Dress | Spin Doctor ‘Arianna’

Shoes | Shoe Me Gorgeous

Hair Flowers | Thrifted

I’m also stealthing with my 20” underbust corset from What Katie Did! 😉

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Picnic in the Hayshed

One day I received a phone call from a gentleman called Declan who wanted to surprise his girlfriend whose name was Sarah, with a vintage inspired couple’s photography session. Since it was almost her birthday, he decided that a gift voucher would be the best option and I eventually had the pleasure of meeting this lovely couple at my studio.

Upon arrival, Sarah and Declan each received a glass of complementary bubbles. Then we whisked Sarah away to have her hair styled and makeup applied by the talented Gemma Sheree from GSL Makeup. During this time, Declan relaxed in our sitting area until we were ready to start shooting.

Gorgeous Sarah, ready for hairstyling and makeup by Gemma.

Since Sarah and Declan have their own farm, we decided to channel a beautiful country spirit within our session. Whilst Declan opted to wear some amazing clothes of his own, Sarah selected some Vivien of Holloway garments from the rail in our studio, all of which were acquired from Australia’s exclusive stockist of the brand, Christine’s.

For Sarah’s first outfit, we paired some cute high-waisted denim shorts with a blue gingham halter-neck top that she adored. After taking some photos of her and Declan in our little hayshed scene, she changed into a lovely ‘Leopard Lily’ circle dress and red petticoat. This fifties frock surely was the perfect dress to wear for a picnic, even if it was just a pretend one inside a photography studio. 😉

I must admit that I had the biggest smile after seeing the sweet post that Sarah tagged us in on Facebook. It makes me very happy to hear that she and Declan had a wonderful day and loved their photos.

Although I have probably said it over a thousand times before, I really do love my job. I truly enjoy being able to help create special memories for fabulous couples like Sarah and Declan to treasure for many, many years to come.

 Mallory Holley XXXX

P.S. I thought that I’d share with y’all some behind the scenes iPhoneography, which Gemma Sheree kindly helped me out with.

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Spoilt. Rotten.

After hearing a loud knock on my front door, I opened it to reveal my Daddy standing there.
‘Happy birthday -do you want to go to Eagle?’ he asked.
‘YES!’ I quickly replied, with the biggest smile on my face.
What a lovely surprise! How could I possibly refuse being taken to one of my favourite shops for my birthday?

When we walked through the doors at the Eagle Auto Parts Superstore in Dandenong, my eyes lit up. With the amazing array of performance parts stocked in their showroom and mighty fine Chevrolet, Ford and Mopar crate engines, it felt a little like visiting a toy shop. Of course, there were some pretty sweet cars to perve at too!




It didn’t take us long to make our way to the air cleaner section, where I spied the beauty that I became fixated on since I visited their store last.
‘If that’s what you want, we’ll buy it for your birthday’ my Daddy offered.
“Thank you so much,’ I squealed excitedly, unable to believe how lucky I was for my parents to buy me this amazing air cleaner for my birthday. I was immensely grateful.



Ever since the first time that I laid eyes on the stunning polished aluminum air cleaner from the Holley Vintage Series, I wanted it. Aside from having my name on it in a beautiful retro script, it also has a classically inspired finned design that deserves to be the centerpiece under my bonnet. I also love that the element is made out of red cotton gauze and therefore is reusable, unlike the disposable paper filters. I may not actually have anything to put it on yet, but that will come. I know my priorities, haha! 😉



Eventually we had to leave Eagle, but that was okay because I was meeting with my grandmother for lunch. It was fabulous that Mum also accompanied us. We enjoyed a delicious meal and iced coffee at a local Italian cafe and browsed a nearby shop for vintage treasures.

My luck certainly hadn’t run out, as an exquisite vintage crystal bowl with a lid caught my eye. I thought that it would be perfect for my dressing table as I prefer to stash my pins, cotton buds and other bits and bobs in elegant crystal glass.  Hence, I bought it.  I also found a few more vintage dishes as well as a beautiful bone china teacup, some rad 80s clip-on earrings and a book about Australia’s manufacturing history, which included some nice photos of ‘Australia’s Own Car’, the Holden. Since I am fond of my early model Holdens, I was very pleased with this score.


After an amazing afternoon with both my mother and grandmother, I decided to attend the cruise night at Mornington. The once-a month gathering organized by Lets Go Cruisin’ is always a good night and a great chance to catch up with some amazing people who share my love for chrome and kustoms. It was definitely the perfect thing to top off my day.

Therefore, my Daddy, brother and I had a great evening there, sipping coffee and admiring the beautiful hot rods, kustoms and classic cars that filled the carpark. Cadillac, my German shepherd puppy came too! Even though it was incredibly windy, we nevertheless had an amazing evening. Sadly I didn’t take my camera with me, but I did capture a couple of snaps on my iPhone towards the end of the evening with what remained of its battery.



I certainly had such a delightful day being spoilt rotten by my family and spending time with them, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

 Mallory xoxox

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The Westernport Festival Car Show -February 26th 2017

Whilst attending a recent car cruise, I bumped into a gentleman called Les who told me that he and his lovely wife, Marie were organising a car show at the Westernport Festival. He also asked if I was interested in being involved in a photo shoot with his 1958 Chevrolet Biscayne at a local Warbird Hanger, to use the images for promotion. I’d previously posed with his wicked kustom ‘Hastings Sheriff’ car, and was more than happy to shoot with it again.



This time, I was accompanied by a stunning pinup model who is known as Treasure Fontaine. Naturally, I couldn’t help sharing some of my photos from the day with you, including a few with Les and Marie’s gorgeous seven-year-old daughter named Ruby. I also thought that I’d tell you a bit about the FREE car show, of course!

The Westernport Festival Car Show will be held at the Foreshore, situated on Marine Parade in Hastings, Victoria (Australia) on Sunday February 26th 2017 from 10:00 am until 3:30 pm.

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It will be open to a vast array of unique, special interest cars including chrome bumpers, classics, vintage vehicles, hot rods and kustoms. Of course, kustom motorbikes and trucks are also invited. Car clubs are most welcome to attend too, however it is encouraged that you get in touch with the event organisers so that they can arrange parking areas to cater for your member’s vehicles.


This car show is absolutely FREE to enter! It is also anticipated that there will be some unique show categories for the special interest vehicles to enter. The prizes for these will be sponsored by Les’ business, Local Bloke With a Ute, which is a great couriering and transport, home maintenance and test and tag business based in Hastings.


In addition to a cool car show, there will be a pinup competition! It will be judged by the Miss Westernport entrants and anyone is welcome to enter. You can simply register for FREE on the day! Aside from a category for dolls, there will be a best-dressed section for the kids and of course one for the guys too. So why not rock your favorite retro outfit and join in all the fun?




Since no event would be complete without some splendid live music, the organisers have booked some rockin’ bands to keep your toes tapping. One of these is the Straight 8’s who have been playing for decades -since 1984 in fact!   They are the original old-school tough guys, with an authentic style rockabilly, right outta the fifties. I’m pretty sure that if you shut your eyes whilst they are up on stage, you will be whisked right back into that bygone era, just listening to their amazing Southern style Hillbilly Rock.

Additionally, these notorious and longstanding rockabilly legends will be supported by talented local band, Diddy Reyes and the 59 Rockers! They’ll captivate you with a lively mix of blues and rockabilly, with their own unique twist and greaser bad boy of the fifties charm.

So with live entertainment from these incredible bands, a pinup competition for the dolls, a best-dressed competition for both the guys and kids and a car show, this is surely an event not to be missed! It will definitely be a fun-filled day for your entire family to enjoy. Admission to all this is absolutely FREE, so why not cruise on down with your family to the The Westernport Festival Car Show on Sunday February 26th and join in all the fun?

For further information about this amazing show, please contact Les on 0403 802 732. There’s also some more details on the Facebook page for the event:

 Mallory xoxox

Mallory Holley Studios Logo designed by the Wright Way Designs


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P.P.S. You can also follow Treasure Fontaine on both Facebook and Instagram.

P.S. Thank you so much to my fabulous sponsor, Christine’s for the beautiful sarong and circle dress that I wore for this photo shoot.



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Happy Christmas & Best Wishes for the New Year!

Cadillac and I would like to wish y’all a fabulous Christmas. May you share special moments, creating wonderful memories with those that you love. We wish you peace, love, and joy for not only this holiday season, but also throughout the new year.


As a special surprise and to celebrate the new year, my lovely sponsor, Christine’s has kindly offered all of my High Heels & Whitewalls Readers, a special coupon.  Check it out:


You might like to take advantage of this offer to treat yourself to a sassy sarong dress, like the leopard print one that I am wearing in this photo shoot with my German Shepherd puppy, Cadillac. However if that’s not really your style, Christine’s stocks many other styles of dresses and separates suitable for special occasions, casual days or even the office!  Don’t forget to show the coupon or mention the special code word in store at the checkout!


Some of my upcoming blog posts will be featuring some of the gorgeous garments from Christine’s.  I’m really looking forward to sharing these with you in the new year, as well as plenty of pinup and puppy photos.  Believe me, there will be many more photo shoots with Cadillac. There will even be some with classic cars, including a Corvette!

Of course, I will also be sharing my snaps from car cruises that we attend, as well as tips, tutorials, vintage inspiration, honest product reviews, coupons and more with you in the coming year.  Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you would like to see in my blog posts in 2017.

For now, I hope that you all enjoy your Christmas and I wish you all the best for the new year.

 Mallory xoxox

Mallory Holley Studios Logo designed by the Wright Way Designs

P.S. Thank you so much to my fabulous sponsors for all your support during 2016.  You guys and gals rock!

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P.P.P.S.  My outfit details are as follows:
Dress: Leopard print sarong from Christine’s 
(It also comes with a matching bolero, but I didn’t wear it this time).
High Heels: Iron First ‘Gold Digger’ style peep-toe platforms
(These babies are one of my favourite pairs of heels, which I have also featured on my blog, previously).
Jewellery: Thrifted










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My brand new Cadillac

Guess what? I have a brand new 2016 model Cadillac! Okay… to tell you the truth, I don’t have that twin turbo ATS-V coupe kind of Cadillac, but I do have a cute, fluffy German shepherd puppy kind, that just happens to be named Cadillac. 😉


Cadillac (left) with her brother (right).

You see, my mother found a post on Facebook that was advertising two long stock coat puppies still looking for homes, just a few hours drive away from where I live.  One was a girl and the other a boy. So she quickly called me to tell me this exciting news and I instantly contacted the breeder. We chatted on the phone and with good vibes, eventually organised a suitable time to visit the puppies.


Cadillac’s beautiful biological Mummy, Kira.

Hence, my family and I found ourselves driving to the kennels to look at the darling little puppies that very Sunday.  When we arrived, the lovely breeder took us into her backyard to introduce us to them.  They were all so adorably cute.  However, there happened to be this particular one that would not leave me alone. She kept tugging at the fringing on my leather jacket and playing tug of war with my camera strap.


To my surprise, that was the female puppy whom was yet to have a home lined up for.  As I continued to spend time with the puppies, I realised that this little girl and I just clicked.  I loved her personality, as she was also very bold and confident, to the point that she would keep returning to investigate my tote bag, and try to drag my camera away with her.  She had so much spunk (and an attitude too) so I just instantly fell in love with her.  She was perfect and it just seemed too good to be true! To be honest, this made my choice incredibly easy. Well, ultimately it wasn’t really my decision.  I didn’t have to choose a puppy because a puppy chose me!


Cadillac and her brother playing

Since she was only six weeks old, I could not bring her home with me that day. However, her breeder and I organised a time for me to return to adopt this cute little bundle of fluff when she was ready to leave her biological mother.  

So I counted down the days.  Soon enough, we returned to adopt my new fur baby and best friend.

I decided to call her Cadillac because she is an outstanding example of her kind and I felt that such a classy name suited her perfectly.  I have always wanted a Cadillac since I can remember.  Although a pink 1959 Coupe DeVille with whitewalls might be a few years away, for now I have my fix. 😉


My Mum and I thought it was pretty cool that when we were driving home with my new baby girl, a Cadillac drove past us, which is not something you usually see on your standard weekday, here in Australia.  Not long after, we also saw a jet fly super low over the freeway to land.  Noticing the coincidence, Mum and I looked at each other.   
’Maybe it’s a sign,’ she said, as we both giggled, knowing that the suffix selected for her registered name was Jet. Perhaps it was just meant to be.


Cadillac chillin’ on the grass at home.


The more time that I spend with her, the more I realise that Cadillac is the most amazing creature and she couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life.  I still can’t get over how lucky I am to be able to have her.


Home Sweet Home


Our boudoir 😉


Proud mama shopping for the first time with her new baby girl

So, now that I have a partner in crime, it’s going to mean that you are going to see a lot more of her in my blog posts!  After all, we are pretty much inseparable.  So, just as a word of warning, brace yourself for the puppy spam to come!

 Mallory xoxox

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Review: Long-lasting LipSense Lippy from Pout Perfection

I followed my mother into a quirky local café and approached a round table beneath a majestic chandelier, whereby her sister was sitting. Balancing her handbag and a present in one hand, Mum lent down to wish her sister and happy birthday and kissed her on the cheek.

Seeing my mother’s super glossy ruby-red lips, her sister cringed. “Thanks”, she said in a rather sarcastic tone, turning to show the rest of the family seated around the table her face. “Now I have a red kiss mark on my cheek.”

However, to everyone’s complete surprise, there was not the slightest trace of that bold coloured lipstick on her face!

No, I’m not pulling your leg. Nor am I recounting a dream. It is all true! A kiss-resilient, long-lasting glossy lipstick actually exists! Believe it or not, you can eat and drink whilst wearing this lipstick without worrying about it ending up all over your glass, food, face or teeth. Now this isn’t what you would usually expect from most mega-glossy lipsticks. I guess the LipSense formula by SeneGence isn’t like most.


Impressively, the unique LipSense formulation is claimed to be ‘waterproof and does not smear off, rub off, or kiss off and can last anywhere from 4 to 18 hours.’ Furthermore, it does not bleed past your lip line. Although I had previously seen the product online, I had my first tangible experience with LipSense one day when I was chatting to Rae Whitehead from Pout Perfection.

I had just finished photographing her cute little boy and admired the beautiful, glossy lipstick she was wearing. Yeah, I confess, I’m a bit of a makeup addict, but I was especially impressed when the colour remained solely on her lips when she rubbed her hand over them. She told me that she was an independent distributor for this product, which is part of the SeneGence range.

I was curious to try the lipstick for myself, but first I needed to know whether or not the product was tested on animals. Indeed, this is a consideration very, very close to my heart. However, Rae assured me that it was not at all tested on animals and was completely cruelty free and vegan. Hence, I was delighted to hear this and just had to try the lipstick for myself!

So then I had to choose a shade. Now that was a hard decision to be made, considering there are over 70 pretty colours. Of course, you can easily apply these in layers to create your own kustom shade. There are also a number of finishes such as matte, gloss, pearl and glitter. Yep! Even glitter, for those who are also addicted to this magical substance. However, I ended up settling for the ‘Blu-Red’ colour and some glossy gloss. After all, I usually favour the look of a classic glossy red pinup pout.


In due course, I tried this new product on myself with wine glasses, cups of tea and coffee. I also tested it with milo, consistent to the Aussie tradition of two thirds of a glass full of the malt powder and one third milk just to wet it down. I additionally have worn LipSense out to numerous lunches and dinners and also whilst working all day at promo events. Impressed, I subsequently tried it on my own mother and a client of mine for her pinup shoot. Each and every time, I was ever so pleased with the product.

When wearing LipSense, I can honestly tell you that I didn’t need to be so paranoid about constantly checking my lipstick at events, just in case I looked like a clown. It soon became my go-to if I wanted to enjoy a good meal or was working all day and desired some low maintenance lip colour. I noticed that it didn’t even smear all over my face or transfer onto my teeth, wine glasses, bottles or teacups. Indeed, it was an extremely liberating feeling to not be condemned to drinking beverages out of a straw or scrubbing teacups and glasses until hell freezes over.


I found that the product did tingle a bit on my lips when I first used it due to the cosmetic alcohol base. I must admit that my lips were in very poor condition at the time. However, after the first couple of applications, I found that my lips didn’t tingle one bit. I don’t know whether this was because I was getting used to the product or whether it was because the condition of my lips had drastically improved. Nevertheless, I loved the result of the long-lasting lip colour.

The key to the longevity of this lipstick is taking the time to apply it properly and remembering to reapply the finish to protect the colour. It may seem a little unusual to apply at first, as it is a three product process.

The ‘Oops! Remover’ is handy for cleaning lips prior to application of colour. Don’t be tempted to skip this step. However, make sure that you wipe off all of the residue with a wet cotton pad and dry your lips. Once your lips are dry, you then have to shake the colour before using it. I wasn’t used to shaking my lipsticks, so this step took some getting used to (and remembering!)

Although an additional lip liner can be purchased, I found that I personally didn’t need to use one. Instead of lining the lips with any sort of lip liner, I just used the unique pointed tip part of the applicator wand instead. At first this feels a little unconventional, but you soon get used to it.

After lining your lips, you simply fill in the inside. Keeping your lips apart, three layers should then be applied in one continuous stroke; each AFTER the previous layer has dried. Don’t worry, this stuff dries pretty fast! Avoid all temptation to press your lips together until the colour has set and you have sealed it with the moisterising gloss. The colour is also sticky when it is applied, however the finish (such as the glossy gloss) neautralises that and makes your lips feel silky smooth. With the moisterising gloss applied, you can press your lips together as much as you like, without any tackiness! The gloss, is the last step and it is important to reapply as often as necessary.

I noticed when I didn’t reapply the gloss, my colour would slowly wear away at the inside of my mouth or in the corners. I think that the LipSense glossy gloss does transfer a little bit, but it is clear and hardly noticeable. It surely works well at protecting the colour from wearing off, which makes complete sense to me.

Of course, I would advise that you check out the ingredients of these products if you have had any reactions to cosmetics in the past, just to be on the safe side. I’m lucky that I have never had any allergies to makeup and do not have overly sensitive skin. I would just suggest this as a precaution if you are worried about allergies.

Another word of advice I would give is to make sure that you take care of your lips and exfoliate them with lip scrubs. This will basically remove the dead outer surface from your lips so that they are softer and smoother. In doing so, you will enable the adhesion of your favourite lip products to your pout –just like LipSense!  I admit that I own well and truly over a hundred different lipsticks from various brands. Currently, there is an entire drawer in my makeup station dedicated solely to lipsticks and glosses. Hence, if you are like me and often use other brands and products on your lips, you may find that such other products may leave a waxy residue that impedes the results of LipSense. Just be mindful that if you do mix LipSense with other products, you may not achieve the optimal results.

Overall, I was truly impressed with this gorgeous lip product and loved the fact that it lasted for many, many hours. If you want longevity with your lip colour, with LipSense, you’ve got it! The product might cost a little more than your average drug store lipstick, but it is surely worth it. The Blu-Red shade is a pinup classic and I really look forward to trying the other colours available, as well as the other long-lasting cosmetic products that Pout Perfection offer.


If you would like to try LipSense for yourself, I would highly recommend getting in touch with independent SeneGence distributor, Rae Whitehead from Pout Perfection. You can even join her team and receive a product discount!

Rae’s mobile number is 0423 006 746 and email is or you can check out her facebook page. She even has a special facebook group with member-only exclusive offers.   You can find it here:

Pout Perfection also promises ‘a satisfaction guarantee’ with your ‘money back if you don’t fall in love with these products!’

SPECIAL OFFER: Furthermore, Pout Perfection has offered all of you wonderful High Heels & Whitewall Wheels readers FREE POSTAGE* if you mention this blog post. Yay!

*Orders must be made prior to 31st of December 2016 to qualify for this special offer.


Have you tired LipSense yet? I’d love to know what you thought of it. Feel free to leave a comment below.

 Mallory xoxox

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P.S. If you check out my Instagram feed, I have shared plenty of selfies whilst trialling this FABULOUS product from Pout Perfection. My user name is @mallory_holley.


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Forever Marilyn –An Opportunity Not to be Missed

I could not resist telling everyone about how amazing my visit to the Bendigo Art Gallery was when I attended the Marilyn Monroe exhibition presented by the Gallery and Twentieth Century Fox. I truly loved it so much and craved to spend longer in beautiful Bendigo and of course, take more photos.   However, time was running out, with the exhibition ending on Sunday the 10th of July.

Well, it ended up working out perfectly. I told my friend, Christine about how wonderful the exhibition was and when she said that she had not yet been, I stated that she HAD to go because it really was an opportunity not to be missed. I mentioned that I loved it so much that I so desperately yearned to return. Much to my excitement, she asked me if I wanted to go with her. I think my heart skipped a beat and I couldn’t have said yes any quicker. Hence, on Wednesday, the 29th of June, I went back to Bendigo with Christine.  Yay!

Bendigo Art Gallery presents Marilyn Monroe -last chance for selfies

Bendigo Art Gallery presents Marilyn Monroe

This time, I was able to catch the introduction talk at the exhibition entrance. I also had the opportunity to spend longer admiring all the beautiful images and artefacts inside the exhibition.  It was such a privilege to be so close to Marilyn’s possessions and costumes again.

Once more, I had the pleasure of closely marvelling at items formally owned by the star herself. I was especially excited to again view Marilyn’s personal maternity dress.  This casual, loose cotton garment featuring a pattern of roosters and chickens was worn by her in 1958 whilst she was pregnant around the time that Billy Wilder’s romantic crime comedy, ‘Some Like it Hot’ was being filmed. Sadly, she later lost her baby.

This shirtdress, which now belongs the Marilyn Monroe Collection based in California, however holds an enduring significance. And like many of the other garments exhibited, it offers such a unique insight into Marilyn’s life by having the opportunity to witness it in a three dimensional form, as opposed to two-dimensional photographs. Nothing can compare to seeing the magnificent colours and textures of the fabrics that these pieces are constructed from in real life.

Another thing that was exciting to again observe closely was the intricately detailed beading on many of her enchanting dresses. I have great admiration for all the hours that would have been spent creating these bejewelled beauties. I adore fashion from bygone eras, and one thing that fascinated me was how risqué some of the numbers were, particularly considering that these costumes were designed in the more modest mid-century times.

One daring dress I was particularly grateful for having the opportunity to again admire, was the cocktail dress that Marilyn actually wore in the black and white motion picture, ‘Some Like it Hot’. I think that this piece by Australian designer, Orry-Kelly was ingenious! Allegedly, Marilyn did not wear anything under this nude number, so the dress itself provided support. I particularly loved the cheeky heart-shaped cut-out in the back, which was right in the centre of the left side of Marilyn’s derrière when she wore the dazzling dress. The beautiful silk netting and immaculate detailing of the beading and sequins is really something else! It truly is incredibly stunning.

Of course, I spent some more time being mesmerised by Marilyn’s precious gold lamé dress laying flat inside a glass cabinet, just before we left the exhibition.

Since it was curated by the Bendigo Art Gallery, this exhibition will not be seen anywhere else in the world.  Hence, it was an extreme privilege to enjoy it not only once, but twice! Such an amazing array of documents, artefacts and garments belonging to or worn by Marilyn were brought together for this exclusive event. Once again, the staff members at the gallery were all absolutely amazing. They were all so friendly and helpful and I could not speak more highly of how wonderful they all were. Both Christine and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.

As we were leaving the gallery, I couldn’t resist the temptation of having another quick look in the gift shop and consequently purchased two more large postcards. I’ll be keeping my eye out for some ornate gold vintage frames and hang them with the others in my studio. I think they will look beautiful and always remind me of the amazing experiences that I had, both the first time that I attended with my Oma and Mum and the second time with Christine. Plus, I can never have too many images in my studio of one of my greatest inspirations, now can I?

Aside from the exhibition, it was fabulous to have the privilege of spending some more time photographing Seward Johnson’s magnificent Forever Marilyn sculpture.

Forever Marilyn

Forever Marilyn at Bendigo -looking through the water fountain

Forever Marilyn at BendigoForever Marilyn with Pall Mall sign

As I had mentioned in my previous post, this spectacular sculpture has travelled all the way from the United States of America to make its international debut in Bendigo! To complement the exhibition, this eight metre high masterpiece proudly stood at Charing Cross, on the corner of View treet and Pall Mall.

Forever Marilyn, Bendigo

Looking at Forever Marilyn when crossing the road

The sculpture pays homage to Marilyn’s notorious subway scene for director Billy Wilder’s 1955 drama film, ‘The Seven Year Itch’ and is based on the photograph by Bernard of Hollywood, where a gust of wind catches the bombshell’s white halter neck dress as she stands over a subway grate. Weighing around fifteen tones, Forever Marilyn is constructed from painted stainless steel and aluminum.

Forver Marilyn by Seward Johnson in Bendigo, Australia

Forever Marilyn -Bendigo

Seward Johnson's Forever Marilyn sculpture at Bendigo

She is part of her American artist’s Icons Revisited series, whereby Johnson creates beautiful three-dimensional monuments from images that have had an enduring significance over many generations. Through this series, the artist intended to explore the idea that ‘makes and image stick with us’, creating a lasting impression that ‘becomes something more than its one moment in time’. This is undoubtedly true about Marilyn’s subway scene. That singular moment of Marilyn in that billowing white dress is internationally recognised, even after more than half a century after it was captured. No doubt, it is such a strong image that epitomises the grace and glamour of Hollywood in that classic period. To see a tribute to it in such a monumental three-dimensional form is something very special.

As a lover of almost all forms of art, I have a particular soft spot for enormous sculptures. Where I live, there are a few along the Peninsula Link freeway, which I always enjoy passing. Sculptures feel like such an engaging form of art. Even the stationary ones seem to be interactive for some reason. I think it is because you can walk around the multi-dimensional forms, and they appear to change from every perspective that you view them. However, in particular, Forever Marilyn would have to be one of my favourites, as she celebrates one of my largest idols and inspirations.

Seward Johnson's Forever Marilyn sculpture

Since after the exhibition, it is intended that Forever Marilyn should return to the USA, I simply did not want to miss my opportunity to photograph her whilst she was right here in Australia!

I also did not let the fact that I was wearing heels and a petticoat stop me from crawling on the ground to squeeze my lens through the metal garden edging to shoot through the bed of pretty flowers. I think they were Cyclamen ones, but species of plants aren’t really my area of expertise. Lets just say that they were flowers to be safe.  The beautiful, colourful things complimented Johnson’s stunning sculpture, so I wanted to include them in some of my shots.

Forever Marilyn at Charing Cross, Bendigo VIC

Marilyn flowers_1863

I was so immersed in creating an image through my viewfinder that I somehow managed to catch my heel in my petticoat, resulting in the impersonation of an upside-down turtle on the pavement. Surprisingly, I didn’t even rip my petticoat. Those things are tougher than I thought!  However, a few people surrounding me, and of course myself had a good laugh. As Marilyn apparently once said, ‘it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.’

Of course, both Christine and I posed with Forever Marilyn for some photos, just as most people passing the magnificent sculpture were enticed to do. It was great how respectful and courteous everyone was; again taking turns to pose with her.

Mallory and Forever Marilyn, Bendigo

Mallory twirling with Forever Marilyn

Mallory twirling underneath Forever Marilyn

Mallory and Forever Marilyn, Bendigo VIC

Mallory and Forever Marilyn at Bendigo VIC

Throughout the day I had the biggest smile on my face. I was so happy that I had the opportunity to return to beautiful Bendigo. It is such a magnificent place that is well-worth visiting. There are also numerous antique and vintage shops and delightful cafes and so many things to see. The architecture of the old buildings are stunning too! However, I particularly loved the Marilyn Monroe exhibition and Forever Marilyn sculpture. If you haven’t had the chance, I would certainly recommend that you check it out. It surely is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The exhibition is now in its final days and will be ending on the 10th of July, 2016. For more information, check out the Bendigo Art Gallery website.  After the exhibition, the Forever Marilyn sculpture will continue to reside at Rosalind park until the 18th of July 2016.

 Mallory xoxox

P.S. Just in case you are curious, here’s the details of the outfit that I wore that day:
Dress: Red and white polkadot full circle halterneck from Christine’s
Petticoat: Christine’s
Bolero: Christine’s
Stockings: Style #4960 backseam cuban heels from the Mallory Holley Studios
Shoes: ‘Martini’ style by Wild Diva brand
Handbag: American West
Belt: Borrowed from my Hell Bunny ‘Larissa’ dress from Velvet Vixens
Lipstick: Blu-Red coloured LipSence (by SeneGence brand) from Pout Perfection

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Mallory and Forever Marilyn at Bendigo

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Forever Marilyn Monroe -Bendigo Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Fox present an exhibition to honour this enduring icon

Marilyn Monroe has truly captivated the hearts of millions and continues to remain forever young and forever remembered. After all, she was much more than just a pinup model or movie star.

Allured by the beauty, intelligence and talent that this blonde bombshell possessed or perhaps the mystery that endures, many adore her and are greatly influenced by her. In fact, she is considered to be one of the most universally recognisable pop culture icons and sex symbols of the twentieth century.  Albeit that half a century has passed since this silver screen siren was tragically taken from our world at the age of only thirty six, her legacy continues to inspire countless people, even those who were born after she graced this earth. Indeed, she surely lived a life worth remembering.

Bendigo Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Fox present Marilyn Monroe

Posing for yet another photo with Marilyn Monroe

Honestly, I have adored Marilyn, ever since I can remember. Somehow, I have always just felt a connection to her. Photographs of her influence many of the images that I capture today and I collect books, prints, and artworks featuring this glamour goddess. I even have a Marilyn shower curtain! Often my family find the ‘perfect gift’ for me when they spy something with her image on it, such as a perfume bottle or the large chest collaged with her images, which I keep the majority of my fabric stash in. Of course, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, or so to speak, because my Mum also is quite fond of her. So is her mother (whom I call Oma).

Hence, you can understand our excitement when we heard about the Marilyn Monroe exhibition presented by Bendigo Art Gallery and Twentieth Century Fox. We just had to see the artifacts, clothing and other objects belonging to or worn by the star herself, with our very own eyes. Therefore, on Sunday, June 5th, Mum, Oma and I travelled to Bendigo, in Victoria (Australia).

When we arrived at the town, our first stop was to see Seward Johnson’s stunning sculpture, known as ‘Forever Marilyn’. It would have been impossible to miss the eight metre high, three-dimensional creation that pays homage to Marilyn’s notorious subway scene and the promotional imagery for director Billy Wilder’s 1955 drama film, ‘The Seven Year Itch’

Forever Marilyn, Bendigo, Victoria, AustraliaForever Marilyn and IForever Marilyn and I, Bendigo VIC

Oma and I with Forever Marilyn, Bendigo

Oma and I posing with ‘Forever Marilyn’ in Bendigo VIC

Mum and Oma with Forever Marilyn, Bendigo VIC

Mum and Oma posing with ‘Forever Marilyn’ in Bendigo VIC

Previously situated in Chicago and Palm Springs in the USA, this spectacular sculpture, had made its international debut in Bendigo. Displayed on the corner of View Street and Pall Mall at Charing Cross, it attracted quite a crowd of spectators who took turns to pose for photographs with this massive masterpiece.

After taking some happy snaps with ‘Forever Marilyn’, we booked our exhibition tickets at the Bendigo Art Gallery.  Whilst waiting for our entry time, the three of us walked through the gallery and admired another sculpture called ‘The young family’ by Patricia Piccinini, some pottery housed in majestic antique cabinets, and an antique upright piano. We also marveled at all of the paintings hanging in ornate gold frames. One in particular, titled ‘Child Playing’ by Dutch artist, Johannes Jacobus Paling, caught my Oma’s eye, reminding her of her own Oma’s house, back in Holland.

Eventually we made our way to the gallery café to have lunch. I ordered bruschetta, however unlike the traditional Italian style recipes that I have previously tried, some of the key ingredients in this one were peas, mint and yoghurt. Albeit unusual, it was absolutely delicious!

Delicious bruschetta at the Bendigo Art Gallery Cafe

With satisfied appetites, we subsequently made our way into the exhibition. As I walked into the room behind Mum and Oma, my eyes lit up. I was completely mesmerized by the gorgeous gowns, photographs, fashion illustrations and artifacts from Marilyn’s life. Much of this has never been seen before in Australia and was curated from numerous private collections around the world and via collaborating with Twentieth Century Fox. This was like no other exhibition I have ever been to, and believe me; I have been to a lot!

It was amazing to have an insight into Marilyn’s life via her possessions such as personal books, letters, embossed stationary and her Marshall Field and Company wooden travel trunk. Even some of the colorful Mexican hand-painted ceramic tiles from the kitchen of her home in Brentwood, California were displayed.

Although I certainly did not expect to see such things exhibited in an art gallery, I was most delighted to witness the beauty icon’s personal collection of makeup. This included her Elizabeth Arden powder, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil and Helena Rubenstein mascara wand. Her Erno Laszlo beauty products were also displayed nearby.

It was also incredibly exciting to see her first camera, a Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 camera and the small photographs of significant childhood memories. There was even a print from her first wedding to Jim Dougherty, when she was merely sixteen.

Many of the other photographic prints were larger scale images. Although I adored the privilege of seeing all of them, I was especially awestruck by one candid black and white image of Marilyn captured by Andre de Dienes. In this particular photograph, she sat with her legs crossed on the beach, laughing. Nearby, a closed umbrella as placed upside down with its tip embedded in the sand. This image is perhaps one of my favourite images of Marilyn, and I was the slightest bit disappointed that it was not one of the images also reproduced in the accompanying exhibition catalogue. However, it was superb to be able to admire it in person.

Additionally, I felt drawn to the fashion illustrations and loved the way that the seven frames containing these were arranged in the first room. I also admired the wardrobe test photos, many of which accompanied the costumes on display.

Interestingly, some of these did not make it to the final pictures, such as a stunning showgirl outfit designed by William Travilla. This particular piece was originally designed for the scene where Marilyn sings ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ in Howard Hawks’ 1953 Technicolor film ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’. However, it was decided that this costume was too risqué after the revelation that the star had posed nude for Tom Kelley back in 1949, when she was allegedly ‘broke and needed the money’. Hence another of Travilla’s beautiful creations was substituted and the scene was filmed with that notorious satiny pink gown.

Although the dazzling showgirl costume did not make it into the finished film, thankfully there are wardrobe test shots of Marilyn wearing it. Nevertheless, it was certainly a real privilege to have the opportunity to marvel at the spectacular costume in real life as well.

Without a doubt, these Hollywood costumes possess both historical and social significance. Therefore it was very special to be able to enjoy so many displayed together, especially considering this exhibition was an amalgamation of many private collections, which would otherwise be scattered worldwide.

We sure are incredibly lucky to still have these costumes! Unlike these days, where Hollywood studios archive significant props and artifacts from their films, in the fifties and sixties, this practice was uncommon. Often due to financial constraints, clothing would be re-appropriated. Often gowns would be changed, cut, taken up and worn by other Hollywood stars. Therefore, dresses such as Marilyn’s iconic gold lamé gown, which was another of Travilla’s fabulous designs for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes was altered for Jayne Mansfield to wear a decade later. However, what the dress has become has been preserved and I was able to admire the precious, fragile thing contained by a glass case inside a majestic room of mirrors. Nevertheless, it was such a privilege to be able to see what was left of the real thing for my very own eyes, as this would have to be one of my favourite dresses of all time. Due to the dress being up-cycled, a reproduction of the true style worm my Marilyn was additionally displayed.

Within the walls of the exhibition, we were also given the opportunity to admire Marilyn’s other well-recognised outfits, such as the dazzling dress and matching bolero that she wore in 1954 when she performed to thousands of US soldiers in Korea. There were also many garments from her personal wardrobe. Many of which were carefully placed on invisible dress forms so that viewers could envisage her wearing the garments. It was a truly magnificent experience.

Oh, there were really so many things to look at! There was even a cute little setup of three mid century televisions simultaneously playing black and white footage of Marilyn, each with quirks and distortions due to the age of the television sets. In another little room, there were two chairs set up with some silent footage of Marilyn being projected onto a screen. Throughout the entire exhibition, there were numerous little rooms, each with something that offered insight into the life of the woman that epitomised Hollywood glamour. I even read through some of her contracts, which I found fascinating and loved seeing her 1950s director’s chair that was used on the set of ‘Bus Stop’. All the exhibits were absolutely fascinating and the entire exhibition was fabulous. I honestly loved it all.

Eventually, after at least a good two hours, I made my way through the maze of rooms, and reunited with Mum and Oma.

Last chance for selfies with Marilyn Monroe at the Bendigo Art Gallery Exhibition

Last chance for selfies with Marilyn Monroe at the Bendigo Art Gallery Exhibition, VIC

We then had a very quick look in the gift shop. This resulted in the purchase of the exhibition catalogue, two large Marilyn postcards and a smaller one featuring a 1956 ‘waspie corset’ photograph by John French. When I saw the postcards, I instantly imagined them inside cute vintage frames hanging upon my studio walls. I simply couldn’t resist a few souvenirs.

My souviners from the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition in BendigoMy souviners from the Marilyn Monroe Exhibition in Bendigo VIC

However all too soon, our blissful day in Bendigo came to an end and we unfortunately had to head home. However, I will surely treasure the memories created that day with Mum and Oma for the rest of my life. Attending the exhibition and seeing the ‘Forever Marilyn’ sculpture was surely a great privilege, made even better by enjoying it with two very special women in my life.

♥ Mallory xoxox

P.S. The exhibition will continue until the 10th of July, 2016. For more information, check out the Bendigo Art Gallery website.

Signwritten BMW parked outside the Bendigo Art Gallery

Oh and in case you are wondering, my outfit details are as follows:
Cardigan: Little Raven Designs (formerly Dress Me Gorgeous)
Dress: Hell Bunny flamingo print ‘Larissa’ from Velvet Vixens
Petticoat: Christine’s
Bobby Socks: Mallory Holley Studios
Kitten heels: ‘Marilyn’ style by Alchemy brand
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban ‘Ice Pop Watermelon’ Wayfarers
Fringed leather Jacket: from nineteen-eighty-something?

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Car selfies on the way to see Marilyn

Car selfie on the way to see Marilyn

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Greaser Girls –Mother & Daughter Pinup Shoot

I had a lovely lady called Adrienne book a ‘greaser girl’ pinup package at my studio with her beautiful daughter, Keely and their red 1983 model WB Statesman. Adrienne told me that she wanted to give the photographs to her husband for an extra special gift. What a lucky man!

Mother and daughter pinup shoot with WB Statesman

Mother and daughter pinup shoot with Holden WB Statesman

For our shoot, the Rosebud Vintage Bazaar kindly supplied me with some fabulous dresses and skirts from their delightful emporium housed inside the old Art Deco ‘Broadway Theatre’ built in 1928. Honestly, you can shop for hours on end in this wonderful world of days gone by. This treasure trove has over sixty stalls of vintage and retro collectables, homewares, clothing, bags, hats, sunglasses, shoes and cowboy boots! They stock lovely vintage reproduction garments from their new Vintage Seamstress label, launched only last year, as well as stunning styles from Pinup Girl Clothing and Hell Bunny.  I was lucky to use some of these for our photo shoot.

Rosebud VIntage Bazaar & Cafe -Mornington Peninsula

As soon as Adrienne and Keely saw the quirky styles of the Hell Bunny garments from the Rosebud Vintage Bazaar, they instantly fell in love. Adrienne selected a navy coloured ‘Motley’ and ‘Hawaii’ pinup girl print dress, both with some seamed stockings and her own high heels. Her daughter, Keely chose a ‘Rock On’ circle skirt which featuring a bold print of dice, skulls, anchors and sharks. This was paired perfectly with my cropped pleather jacket to complete her rocker-gal look and some nautical Pinup Couture platforms from Shoe Me Gorgeous. Keely also adored the colourful pop-art inspired ‘Horror Gal’ Hell Bunny dress. This was accessorised with killer Demonia zombie heels from Shoe Me Gorgeous and a hot rod hearse bar clutch from Twisted Retro, who hand craft unique purses, retro rag rollers, ‘undeadz’ dolls and more.

Since no pinup outfit is complete without vintage inspired hair and makeup, I had the privilege of Gemma Sheree from GSL Makeup to assist me for this shoot. I must say, as always, she did a superb job with our pinup model’s makeup whilst I styled their tresses. So, with pinup perfect makeup, outfits and curls, we were ready to shoot with our models and their street machine.

Mother and daughter photo shoot with Holden WB Statesman

Mother and daughter photo shoot with WB Statesman

Pinup Photoshoot with Holden WB Statesman

Pinup Photo shoot with WB Statesman

Did the cool personalised plates adorned upon the chrome bumper of this Holden beauty catch your eye? Curiously, I asked what they meant. I discovered that it reflected Adrienne and Keely’s family business, Babes Farm Fresh Eggs, which has been operating since 1987. They offer delicious genuine free-range eggs, honey, homemade preservatives and mustard from their stall at the South Melbourne Market.  I loved the way that this was incorporated on their classic car’s custom numberplates.

Aside from photographing these pretty pinup models with their stunning Statesman, I also captured some photos of them on a simple yellow backdrop.   One of my favourite photos is the one of Adrienne cheekily ‘unplugging’ the phone on her daughter. This is surely something I can recall when I was growing up and spent too long talking on the phone, refusing to hang up when I was told to. Can anyone else relate to this?

Mother and daughter pinup shoot

Pinup photoshoot with telephone and motley Hell Bunny dress

Of course, photo shoots like this are really fun and full of so many laughs. Adrienne even said; “It was the best day that we have ever had.”
It is very rewarding to hear how much our models enjoyed themselves as well as have the opportunity to provide them with photos that they can give to their significant others as a present. As I have mentioned many times over, I really do love my job and the awesome people that I get to work with.

 Mallory xoxox

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Pinup portrait with telephone and suitcases

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Precious Moments…

Nothing can compare to the pure love and joy that a newborn baby brings into the world. However, it surely is a very rewarding experience to be able to capture their very first few weeks of life with my camera, whilst they sleep in angelic bliss…

When adorable little Alexandria was only nine days new, I had the delight of photographing her in my recently opened studio on the Mornington Peninsula. Content with a full belly, this darling little girl slept ever so sweetly in array of vintage, retro and sentimental props as I created some special images for her beautiful mother, Sarah.

Mallory Holley Studios_01_WebResMallory Holley Studios_02_WebRes

I commenced our session by photographing baby Alexandria as she rested upon some soft velvet fabric inside our retro Brum peddle car. She slept peacefully, draped in lace and adorning a daisy crown.  I also captured images of this little sweetheart inside my red Regal hat box and with some rubber duckies in my vintage pink pedestal sink. For one of my photos, I was even lucky enough to attain her adorable smile –now that’s precious!

Mallory Holley Studios_14_WebResMallory Holley Studios_13_WebResNewborn photography in vintage basinMallory Holley Studios_11_WebRes

As with all of my photo shoots, I love to reflect my client’s interests and hobbies as much as possible. Therefore, since Sarah absolutely adores horses, we decided to also take some western themed photographs of her little cowgirl.

Mallory Holley Studios_10_WebResMallory Holley Studios_04_WebResMallory Holley Studios_03_WebResMallory Holley Studios_06_WebResMallory Holley Studios_07_WebResMallory Holley Studios_08_WebResMallory Holley Studios_09_WebRes

Another way that I try to make my images more personal is via using items that are of sentimental value to my clients, such as the little kitten that Alexandria is clutching. This cheerful soft toy adds that extra special touch to the photograph, since it was knitted especially for her by her grandmother.

Mallory Holley Studios_15_WebRes

Overall, we had a very relaxing afternoon listening to the tranquil rainfall sounds coming from my iPhone, courtesy of the ‘Sleepy Sounds’ app. Although it took a few feeds to be able to achieve the photographs that I captured, it was definitely worth it. This gorgeous little girl is not always going to be small enough to curl up inside a hatbox, but photographs can always preserve the memory, as she grows and continues to fulfill and enrich the lives of her loved ones.

So thank you Sarah, for allowing me to have the pleasure of photographing your precious newborn baby girl and of course, Congratulations!

 Mallory xoxox

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Heat FREE Curls with Twisted Retro Rag Rollers

When I was a little girl, I always wanted curly hair, just like my mother’s. Since this was back in the days when spiral perms were incredibly fashionable, my gorgeous mum totally rocked the style and I longed to look just like her. As I was too young to also have my hair permed, my sweet mother patiently rolled little pink plastic curlers into my hair every night before bed.

Sleeping with pink curlers in my hair when I was little -photo courtesy of my Mum

This is me as a child, with my little plastic pink curlers in my hair. -Photo courtesy of my beautiful Mum.

Unfortunately, these little curlers were rather awkward to sleep on, so eventually I progressed to having my hair in rags. This method was consequently more time consuming. Honestly, my mum did well to get me to sit still long enough! However, rags seemed to be a more comfortable alternative to the little rigid plastic tubes, which felt like I was sleeping on an echidna! Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but they surely weren’t the most comfortable things.

It is for this very reason that I can appreciate the ingenious concept that Sue, the mastermind behind Twisted Retro, has devised. Via amalgamating the swiftness of tube rollers with the comfort of rags, her new retro rag rollers were created.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to trial this new product and provide my feedback. Since I genuinely loved these rollers so much and have continued using them after being the guinea pig, I wanted to share them with you! After all, I know that many of you will love this method of obtaining heatless curls as much as I do.

Twisted Retro Rag Rollers for heat free curls

Check out these Twisted Retro Rag Rollers for amazing heat-free curls!

The Twisted Retro rag rollers are a great alternative to heated rollers or curling irons if you are looking for a heat-free method of creating beautiful voluptuous curls or waves. For me, the easiest is to roll my hair in them before bed. I simply sleep with the rag rollers in, so that by the morning my hair dries into bouncy spirals.  You can then either break them up with your fingers, or alternatively brush them out, which I often do.

Twisted Retro rag rollers removed, ready to by styled

I would highly recommend that you also use some sort of a curl enhancement product when using these rollers, just as you would with any other curling tool or product. My favourite way at the moment is via the application of a setting spray through damp (not drenched) hair before rolling your hair with them.

A good quality setting spray, when used before curling, will assist you to brush out your hair into your desired style, without completely destroying or loosing your curls. I prefer setting sprays because they don’t make my hair brittle and crunchy and find that they really help my hair to maintain a curl. I think it makes a massive difference to the overall result, especially in my hair, which is naturally fine, dead straight and can be uncooperative when it comes to maintaining a curl. Although I can still achieve some delightful styles, I personally do not get the same result without a setting spray, regardless of whether or not I use heat to curl my hair.

Wavy hair created with Twisted Retro NO HEAT Rag Rollers

Heat free waves created with my Twisted Retro Rag Rollers (without using setting spray!) My gorgeous hair flower clip was made by Taylor Pheonix from A Little Pin Up Everyday.

Another thing that I have discovered, is that dirty hair holds a curl better than squeaky-clean tresses. So when it comes to long-lasting curls, it often pays to skip a shampoo. I know myself that curling my hair after I’ve washed it is like trying to curl cotton candy!

I find the elastic loops on these rollers make them super quick and easy to use. So easy, in fact that I often just sit in bed before I go to sleep and shove them into my hair in a zombie-like manner. However, if you are after something a little more polished than random curls or beachy waves, then you would of course carefully part your hair and direct which way you roll, just as you would when styling with heat.

To secure the rollers in place whilst you sleep, I would recommend wrapping a scarf around your head. The good news for you is that a one is included when you buy these rad rollers, which can be purchased via the Twisted Retro web store.

No heat curls via Twisted Retro Rag Rollers

A selfie taken on my mobile phone of another style that I created with my Twisted Retro Rag Rollers when my hair was cotton candy coloured.

These roller kits are really great value and quality, made with love, right here in Australia! They contain 15 rag rollers, as well as an organza scarf to secure them (or wear in your finished style) and 6 pin curl clips. Everything is presented in a cute carrying case that is a quirky take on the vintage vanity cases. You really have to check out the website to see them! The reasonably priced ready-made sets come in an array of different fabrics and colours.

Although there are many delightful options listed on the Twisted Retro web store, you can alternatively have a set custom made for you in your favourite fabric, out of the many available to choose from. Whether you like polka dots, leopard print, zombies, sugar skulls, flamingos or something else, I’m pretty sure Sue has some in her fabric stash.  She has a LOT of gorgeous fabric.

Twisted Retro banner

All you have to do is message Sue from Twisted Retro and she will customise your roller set to suit your personality and individual taste. If you have thick hair and require more than 15 rollers, also just message her so that the quantity and price of your order can be revised.

Unlike many things that shops sell these days, these rollers are built to last and are well worth the investment. I’ve been using mine for over 12 months now in both my pastel pink and blonde coloured hair.  I am honestly very pleased with these rollers. They are well made, just like everything else that I have from Twisted Retro, including my makeup brush roll and a growing collection of purses. Oh, I should probably warn you that you will find lots of pretty things on the Twisted Retro website and you may not want to stop at just the rollers!

Ultimately, if you want easy, heat-less curls whilst you enjoy your beauty sleep and love something unique and pretty, these rollers will be perfect for you. These rollers are quicker than rags and much more comfortable to sleep in than metal or plastic rollers.  They are also extremely time efficient so that you can spend less time styling your hair in the mornings and more time snoozing!

 Mallory xoxox


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Mallory Holley Studios Logo designed by the Wright Way Designs

P.S. If you would like to see some more selfies of the various styles that I have done with these amazing rollers, be sure to follow my Instagram account; @mallory_holley or my High Heels & Whitewall Wheels & Mallory Holley Studios Facebook pages.


Brushed out wavy hair created with Twisted Retro NO HEAT Rag Rollers

I obtained this style via brushing out the curls that I created (without the aid of a setting spray) with my Twisted Retro Rag Rollers.  

P.P.S. In order to compliment the little unicorns on my Hell Bunny ‘Mystical’ dress, I wore my amazing pink and purple hair flower.  This gorgeous accessory was made especially for me by the talented (and gorgeous) Taylor Pheonix from the United Kingdom.  She also has an amazing blog called ‘A Little Pin Up Everyday’.  I would highly recommend that you check it out too!

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Exclusive Coupon

I can’t believe how much this blog of mine has grown since I started it back in 2011.  It warms my heart to see that so many of you have subscribed to me and I love reading your kind words and comments on my posts. So as a little thank you, here’s a special coupon for you to use:

Sign up to High Heels & Whitewall Wheels for FREE so that you don't miss out on any future offers

This time, I’m offering something especially for all the mums and dads that follow me! Considering that it’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, this is a great opportunity to have a photo shoot of your little one(s) so that you can give grandparents or significant others a special gift to cherish for many years to come. Alternatively, maybe you would like something special for yourself. Or both!

All our packages include full resolution signature images on a custom printed DVD presented in a beautiful faux leather photo frame album inside a gift box. This in itself makes a beautiful gift. If you would like additional gallery quality wrapped canvases, photo gifts and prints, we can create those too!

December Lets Go Cruisin' cute little boy in roadster 2013

If you are not a High Heels and Whitewall Wheels subscriber yet, don’t worry! You can soon snap up a FREE subscription so that you too can take advantage of this coupon. If you are using the desktop version of my website, there is a sign up box on the top right hand corner of every page. Just add your email and then click the link that you are emailed to confirm your FREE subscription. To easy!

Bub in boat -baby photography by Mallory Holley, Melbourne Photographer Baby photography -little mermaid theme by Mallory Holley Studios, Melbourne

For information about our packages or to redeem this exclusive offer, please comment on this post, email me at or call 0400 276 973. Sessions will be limited, so ensure that you book early to avoid disappointment.

If you don’t have little ones, stay tuned because I shall continue to bring more coupons, reviews, articles, photo shoots, car cruises, competitions tips and tutorials to a computer, phone or tablet near you!

 Mallory xoxox


Mallory Holley Studios Logo designed by the Wright Way Designs
P.S. If there is something that you would like me to post about in the future or would like to share your thoughts on this coupon, feel free to leave me a comment. As always, I love hearing from you!

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Mallory Holley black and white girls playing piano_1643

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Owning it

Understandably, for those who have not spent years studying law, learning important legal rights and responsibilities regarding their creative output can seem rather daunting. Knowing what should and should not be done is not always straightforward and deciphering between fact and fiction can be challenging. The law sometimes seems as though it’s written in its own mystic language and decoding it can feel somewhat akin to wading through a quagmire! Yet, this very knowledge is so significant for many creative people. After all, misconceptions about such laws even have the potential to cause one a great deal of strife.

Thankfully in order to combat this, Melbourne intellectual property lawyer, Sharon Givoni, has written a new book titled ‘Owning it -A creative’s guide to copyright, contracts and the law’. It explains the Australian laws applicable to many creative fields and businesses, aiming to ‘empower’ readers ‘to take proactive steps to protect [their] creative output’, and business.

Owning It -A Creative Guide to Copyright, Contracts and the Law by Sharon Givoni -book review - Mallory Holley Studios 5976

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but this one sure is pretty on the outside and fabulous inside too! I really enjoyed reading it.

The book is set out in a very straightforward, succinct and easy to understand manner. It includes various chapters that overview the operation of the law for numerous creative professions. Some of these include; visual artists, graphic designers, photographers, fashion designers, craftspeople, architects, filmmakers, musicians, models, tattooists, writers and even bloggers.

Not only is this book a great guide to the laws relating to particular creative occupations, but it also considers insurance, contracts, trademarks, design protection, confidentiality and licensing basics. It even overviews legal considerations pertaining to the World Wide Web and social media!

Additionally, this hardback includes many real-life case studies, tips and tables, which helps to translate legal lingo into plain English. It is therefore extremely useful in assisting with ‘understanding about the law so that you can not only protect yourself, but also avoid breaching the rights of others’.

Of course, reading this book does not replace proper professional legal advice tailored to specific situations, but it will point its readers in the right direction. It might even keep some out of trouble!

Unlike most books about law, this one is full of beautiful, colourful drawings, photographs, diagrams, flowcharts and quotes. Book designer and publisher, Tess McCabe, has created a gorgeous user-friendly layout and many of the illustrations are even by the talented author, herself.

You may also recognise one of my images on page 126. My photograph of the limited edition Campbell’s soup cans featuring Andy Warhol’s famous works illustrates the title page for chapter 2.3 regarding ‘reproducing brands and trade marks in your work’.

Owning It book by Melbourne Intellectual Property Lawyer, Sharon Givoni page 126wm product photo by Mallory Holley Studios

Page 126 of this fabulous book adorns one of my photographs.

It is very exciting to be a part of this fabulous book, which demystifies the law for creative people. Givoni has certainly succeeded in making the law easier to understand in her go-to guide. I assure you that this is one book well worth reading. It is informative and empowering.

If you would like a copy of this fabulous book, you can order one online from Creative Minds Publishing or from any of the stockists listed on the publisher’s website.

 Mallory xoxox

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Saturday Night Live at the Outbound BP

For a few weeks now, my Dad has wanted to go to the ‘Saturday Night Live’ meet at the BP Outbound servo, located on Melbourne’s Eastlink Tollway. So last Saturday night, he had his 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille washed and ready to go. Although I have been rather preoccupied lately with getting my new studio ready, I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I slacked off for the night and tagged along.

It’s been a while since we have gone on a car cruise.  Sometimes I find that we just get so immersed in our work that we forget to stop to admire pretty cars, since smelling roses just doesn’t really cut it for us.

XTOGVK Commodore at BP Outbound Car Cruise

This is Simon’s awesome XTOGVK Commodore.

Also, Dad had recently done some work on the electrics of his Caddy, so it was good opportunity for a little test run.  My little brother also joined us. Thankfully the weather was nice and pleasant and there was a rather large turnout to admire at the BP Outbound servo.

In fact, there were so many cars there that it even took us a couple of laps to find a suitable park, since we had to forfeit a few good opportunities due to our length. It wasn’t bad though because cars seemed to be slowly coming and going throughout the night, therefore parks become vacated for new arrivals.  A couple of laps surely did not bother us a bit as we had plenty of eye candy to look at.

Orange Ford at BP Outbound Car Cruise

Once we had parked, we went for a walk around to admire the beautiful cars that filled the car park.  There were so many to look at, and all sorts too!  It was lovely that the gathering was for car enthusiasts in general to bring their pride and joy and meet other people that shared the passion for cars.  There was a unique blend of Aussie and American muscle cars, classics, Commodores and even a Ferrari.

Corvette at BP Outbound Car Cruise

Corvettes are always my favourite… Though its a pity that you can’t see the rad new cowboy boots that I’m wearing here, hopefully my adorable bag makes up for it.

We walked around for ages, which gave me a good chance to take a few photos and break in my new cowboy boots.  My brother and I also grabbed drinks from Maccas.  Having an icy cold coffee frappe wasn’t the brightest of ideas considering it was a cool winter night, however it tasted grouse.

leaving BP Outbound Car Cruise

Although we all had a great night, it eventually came time to head home and park the Caddy back in the garage. Nevertheless, with spring just around the corner, I hope to go cruising with my awesome family and our classic cars more often.

 Mallory xoxox

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Playful puppies and prints

A little while ago, I seized the opportunity to shoot with the darling Miss Dodge, since I knew this adorable German Shepherd puppy was definitely not going to stay this little forever. Naturally, I thought this would also be the perfect opportunity to spam you with playful puppy photos, and review another stunning skirt from Dress Me Gorgeous. You’re welcome.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0374

Just like the ‘Dress Me Unique’ pencil skirt that I previously featured, this sassy little number was also custom made especially for me. It is a vintage inspired a-line style, carefully stitched together from thick cotton sateen. This particular fabric has a lovely heavy feel to it and also adorns a beautiful, bright floral print. I love the colourful, abstracted pattern. It seems to just compliment everything, even my hair!

Certainly, this same skirt can be made in any fabric of your choice from the massive collection at the Dress Me Gorgeous headquarters. If a skull, cupcake, polka dot, gingham, cherry or leopard print is more your style, this skirt can be made for you, precisely to your measurements and specifications. If you would prefer one in the same fabric as mine though, do get in quick as there is only a limited quantity of it left!

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0380

In addition from being sewn from any fabric of your choice, you can choose to have this skirt at whatever length you fancy. Shorter or longer! A skirt like mine is only $60 AU, which is extremely reasonable for such a special, one-off custom-made creation.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0346

For this particular shoot, I decided to pair my skirt with some other goodies that I also received from Dress Me Gorgeous. My Banned flamingo cardigan and matching handbag seemed a good choice. I love the colourful flamingo embroidery designs adorning these pieces. I also have the matching wallet, neatly tucked inside my bag.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and Banned bag_0623

Additionally, I wore my Jubly Umph flamingo earrings and necklace set for a little added bling. Since I absolutely adore flamingos, when I saw these, I literally squealed and had to have them all! I honestly have absolutely no self-control when I see flamingos. None! There is even a flock of over thirty of these flamboyant birds in my garden. I’m also pretty sure that the day I get to hug a real flamingo, my life will be complete.

Banned Flamingo Cardigan and Jubly Umph earrings-necklace set_0553

Since there is no such thing as too many flamingos, my shoes also feature them in an all-over x-ray print. I love the unique five-inch black, bone-shaped heel on these babies. Due to the concealed platform, these pretty peep-toes are super easy to walk in too! They are made by a brand called Too Fast and alike many of my heels; these ones were from Shoe Me Gorgeous, albeit a while back.

Although this amazing online store has oodles of beautiful shoes for any occasion or outfit, they no longer have any of this particular style left. However, if you are really lucky, you might score some in a buy/swap/sell group on Facebook or alternatively could find stores on eBay who have some old stock in your size.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0468

As always, the Cuban heeled seamed stockings that I am wearing are one of many of the lovely styles that we stock in our studio. I am a huge fan of these as they give the illusion of perfectly flawless legs in photographs. This particular pair is in a full pantyhose style. They are ideal for lazy days when I couldn’t be bothered with a garter belt, but still desire a glamorous touch or some added warmth! I find that these classic seams really compliment this skirt as both are from that elegant time of yesteryear.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0402

Of course, this skirt is extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything. It is a classic design, so like many vintage inspired garments, it will never go out of style. I often wear mine with a plain coloured singlet top a pair of cowboy boots. The fabulous thing with separates is that you can mix and match to obtain various looks from a few essential pieces.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy

Like all the garments I have had custom-made by Dress Me Gorgeous, these skirts are extremely well made and durable. I promise you will get a lot of wear from them. I sure have worn this particular skirt a lot, since it is super comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that I actually wore mine when I sat for my law exams!

If you would like your very own custom made to measure skirt, all you have to do is message the Dress Me Gorgeous Facebook page with your choice of fabric, waist and hip measurements as well as the length that you would like your skirt to be. It’s pretty easy! Don’t forget when takingyour measurements, to pull the tape as tightly as you would like to wear the garment!

 Mallory xoxox

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I got photobombed by my handsome bull terrior, Tank.  He heard that there were bones on my shoes.

I got photobombed by my handsome bull terrior, Tank. He heard that there were bones on my shoes.

Outfit Summary:
Skirt: Dress Me Gorgeous
Cardigan: Banned via Dress Me Gorgeous
Bag: Banned via Dress Me Gorgeous
Earrings & Necklace: Jubly Umph
Stockings: Mallory Holley Studios
Shoes: Too Fast

Dress Me Gorgeous

P.S. By the way, little Miss Dodge isn’t so little anymore but just as adorable as ever!

My FJ Holden, new studio and Dodge.

P.P.S. I took this selfie on my phone sometime last year when I was waiting on the steps for my ride home after finishing my last exam for law.  I really do love wearing this skirt!


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Congratulations Kelly & Adam!

I am very lucky to have had the privilege of being able to capture special memories for wonderful people, such as those for newly engaged, Kelly and Adam.

Although my new studio is expected to be opening in July this year, we squeezed in Kelly and Adam’s shoot to ensure that their photos would be ready in time for their engagement party. Kelly is very talented at crafting and made a gorgeous guest book that she wanted to scrapbook the photos from her and Adam’s shoot within, for a beautiful keepsake. What a fabulous idea!

Kelly and Adam both have lovely low-rider bikes, one that we used for their engagement shoot. Although this particular bike was actually Kelly’s, we decided that it was a little more practical for Adam to ride it. High heels and pedals aren’t usually a good combination.

Mallory Holley Studios_4228web

For these photos, Kelly wore a red tartan pinafore skirt and classic gypsy top with ric-rac trim from Christine’s, Australia’s exclusive Vivien of Holloway stockist.

Mallory Holley Studios_4296web

I also took some photographs of Kelly and Adam with our 1955 F.J. Holden. Kelly wore a lovely halterneck circle dress, in a small red and white polkadot pattern and Adam wore a blue gingham check shirt, both from Christine’s.

Mallory Holley Studios_4314web

Mallory Holley Studios_4325web

Mallory Holley Studios_4408web

Mallory Holley Studios_4430web

Additionally, we took some fun photos with a heart shaped box of chocolates and red roses. For these images, Adam wore a Vivien of Holloway ‘petrol check’ shirt from Christine’s. Kelly opted for a beautiful ‘Grace dress’ in the limited edition ‘Wild Rose Cerise’ fabric with red and black petticoats, also from Christine’s.

Mallory Holley Studios_4786web

Mallory Holley Studios_4838web

Since Kelly loves collecting records, we recreated a cute idea that she originally saw on Instagram, which saw me scribbling on some of my records with a chalk marker. I didn’t fancy the music on these two anyway!  For these photos, Kelly changed into one of the new ‘Poppy peach’ patterned halterneck circle dresses that just arrived at Christine’s.

Mallory Holley Studios_4613web

Mallory Holley Studios_4704web

We also paid homage to another fabulous idea that Kelly adored. This one involved wooden scrabble tiles and Kelly’s beautiful engagement ring with her hands placed inside Adam’s. Additionally, I ensured that I included Kelly’s beautiful Pandora bracelet. Earlier that afternoon when I was applying Kelly’s makeup, she told me that it was a special gift from her fiancé, Adam. Hence, I thought that it was very significant that I captured her beautiful bracelet in this image.

Mallory Holley Studios_4527web

Congratulations Kelly and Adam! I wish you a lifetime of many more happy memories together.

 Mallory xoxox

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Pink Polkadots & Gold Diggers

The 1950s reproduction halterneck circle dresses by Vivien of Holloway would have to be one of my all-time favourite styles of dress for both everyday wear and for an evening out. They have an ingenious design which includes a boned bodice, tightly nipped waist and full circle skirt that combine cinch, disguise and support all the right places. These fabulously flattering dresses also come in variety of colours and patterns.  Consequently, this has meant that over the years, I have acquired quite a few of them from Christine’s, the exclusive Australian Stockist of the brand. Who could blame me when they are all so beautiful?

When you buy one of these dresses, you invest in a quality U.K. made garment that will last you many, many years. Being a reproduction from the 1950s, you will be wearing a classic design that doesn’t date by the passing of the season. Alike things made in the 1950s, these dresses are built to last and are worth every penny. Of course, many of these dresses are created from limited edition fabrics that are no longer available when sold out.  Therefore, you need to either snap them up from Christine’s when they are available or in the alternative, forever mourn what could have been.

Since I love pink and black, I was very lucky to score the last pink and black polkadot dress in my size, a couple of years ago now. Time after time I have worn this dress and just accessorised it in a different ways.  Whether it be tucking the straps in for a strapless look, wearing a zipped up bikie jacket or cropped cardigan on top in winter or simply wearing the bolero with another dress or skirt, this is definitely a versatile little number that gets plenty of wear.

As I was getting ready for the official opening for Christine’s in Fitzroy, I thought it would be appropriate to wear one of my gorgeous frocks from the store. I spontaneously decided upon my pink and black polkadot one.  I often accompany this dress with the matching bolero, however, as you can see in the photos it can also be worn without.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine's without the bolero.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine’s without the bolero.

I was in a bit of a rush, so I shoved my messy hair into a ponytail and wacked in a trusty black bandana. I also added both my pink and black Sam’s petticoats (also from Christine’s) under my frock for a little extra volume to my skirt. To continue the pink and black theme (and to tie into my red lipstick nicely) I chose my Iron Fist ‘Gold Digger’ purse and matching platform heels.

Although shoe collection comprises of 300+ pairs which I no-longer bother counting as the statistics don’t go in my favour to justify the acquisition of more, these heels would have to be my absolute favourite of them all.  These little ‘Gold Diggers’ were a new take on the very first Iron Fist ‘Zombie Stomper’ design, with a vibrant metallic pink and contrasting red. I really do love the gold bejeweled tooth that these little zombies have above the peeptoe detailing, which suits their name quite well. They have a four-inch stiletto heel and a one-inch concealed platform, making them a nice comfortable height. They are also 100% vegan.

My darling mother purchased them for me as a gift for looking after her house and fur babies when she, Dad and my baby brother went on a holiday a few years back. I think I got the sweet end of the deal, new shoes and cuddles with her fur babies! I absolutely treasure these shoes and the matching purse that was also a gift to me. Together, they are quite a dynamic duo and only come out for special occasions.

I also love it that my ‘Gold Digger’ purse is the zip-up pockets on the outside.  This makes a convenient place to stash my iPhone with easy access to it when it’s ringing, when I need to call someone or just feel the urge to watch cute pig videos.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine's, teamed with the matching bolero.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine’s, teamed with the matching bolero.

Finally, I required a little bit of bling to complete my outfit. Therefore, I decided to wear my Cadillac Detroit Star necklace from Retro a-go-go. This necklace with seven special sparkling rhinestones is surely a conversation starter.  I am a huge fan of their jewellery as I love automotive inspired jewellery, so the officially licensed GM pieces are a huge hit with me.

So there you have it, my pink polkadot and ‘Gold Digger’ assemblage, embellished with some Cadillac bling as worn to the official opening for Christine’s in Fitzroy.

Ciao for now!
 Mallory xoxox

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Rockabilly Rage

Legendary live music venue, ‘The Croc‘ will rock every Saturday with Melbourne’s newest ALL ROCKABILLY weekly event, debuting this Saturday, February 28th from 8pm.

There will be a double bill this weekend to kick off this revolutionary new event with The Infernos and Stripped Black playing at The Croxton Park Hotel in Thornbury, Melbourne.   The talented DJ Joey Elbows will also be spinning the discs that evening.

Following this weekend’s grand opening, there will be a fantastic weekly lineup.  Saturday March 7th will be featuring Itchy Fingers and Cherry Divine.  Ezra Lee and The Havoc Band plus DJ Duke Tedesco will be sure to keep your toes tapping on March 14th. Set to play on March 21st will be The Flyin’ Saucers with DJ Joey Elbows and rockabilly trio The Infernos will put on another smoking’ hot performance with DJ Duke Tedesco on March 28th.    

The Rockabilly RageThis exciting event is well worth supporting.  Presented by Christine’s Rockabilly and The Croxton Park Hotel, the ‘Rockabilly Rage’ has some amazing plans in the pipeline including; fashion parades, pinup competitions and interstate acts.  Even a show and shine for hotrods, classic and muscle cars in the huge car park opposite is also on the cards!

With these future plans in addition to the awesome acts booked, you will most certainly have a great night at this spacious venue for a itty-bitty entry fee of only $7.  Where else in Melbourne can you experience live rockabilly entertainment for such a bargain price?  This is definitely going to be everything that Melbourne’s kustom kulture and rockabilly scene has asked for!  

Saturdays will never be the same from this Saturday Feburary 28th at the Croxton Park Hotel, 607 High St Thornbury.
 See you there!

 Mallory xoxox

P.S.  For your viewing and auditory pleasure, here’s The Inferno’s OFFICIAL VIDEO CLIP for their cover of the Charlie Feathers song ‘Stuttering Cindy’, which is just a taste of what is to come this Saturday at the Rockabilly Rage.  Enjoy! X


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Christine’s Grand Opening… The Official Party!

Although vintage reproduction clothing store, Christine’s has been trading on Brunswick Street for the last five months, we celebrated the official opening with a champagne reception last Sunday on the 8th of February.

To fire up the excitement of the afternoon, talented rockabilly trio, The Infernos played live music from the tiki stage in the Hula Hangout at the rear of the store. There was such an exciting vibe throughout this fabulous new venue. Sausages and burgers sizzled on the barbie, complimentary refreshments were served in the tiki hut and yummy snacks covered the tables. There were also some delicious cupcakes and a large cherry cake. Kudos to Onyx deVille for making these mouthwatering masterpieces with ornate icing that was an artwork in itself. You will have to check out the Christine’s facebook page if you would like to see pictures, as I was too busy stuffing my face to capture any. #Sorrynotsorry!

Christine's Opening_Mallory Holley_3882

The Infernos playing in the Hula Hangout

Loretta Lowbrow with her gorgeous daughter Billie enjoying live rockabilly music from The Infernos.

Loretta Lowbrow with her gorgeous daughter Billie enjoying live rockabilly music from The Infernos.

The Infernos drummer Dave Rogers and slap bassist/lead singer Don Wycherley.

The Infernos drummer Dave Rogers and slap bassist/lead singer Don Wycherley.

Inside the shop was filled with ladies and their gentlemen, marveling the beautiful 1940s and 50s reproduction garments by Vivien of Holloway that Christine’s stocks. So many polkadots, pastels, florals, leopard and cherry prints adorned the rails at either side of the store. The interior was also decorated in a fun tiki theme with bamboo, Hawaiian lays and pineapple lampshades. I observed that a lot of the ladies were also wearing their own stunning Vivien of Holloway outfits, no doubt addicts just like myself.

Not only is Christine’s the exclusive Australian stockiest of U.K. fashion label Vivien of Holloway, but the store also offers a gallery of artworks available for purchase. Currently my own photographic prints on luxurious quality canvases hang proudly from the bamboo walls. To add to the exciting vibe that Christine’s brings to the kustom kulture scene, it will also be featuring a vintage market every weekend in the Hula Hangout at the rear of the store!   If you are interested in trading, do get in touch with the store on 0417 144 169 or email for more information. A little birdie told me that stalls for traders will be very affordably priced.

I had such an enjoyable afternoon at the grand opening party for Christine’s. If experiencing The Infernos play live there wasn’t exciting enough, this fabulous new venue will also be offering afternoons of live rockabilly music live bands once a month for a great taste of kustom kulture, conveniently located at the heart of Melbourne.

The fabulous Christine with The Infernos drummer Dave Rogers and slap bassist/lead singer Don Wycherley.

The fabulous Christine with The Infernos drummer Dave Rogers and slap bassist/lead singer Don Wycherley.

For those who attended the opening party, it was great to see you there and raise our glass to the amazing Christine’s shop together. For those who couldn’t make it to the opening however, the store is open 7 days a week and is located at 362 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria, so when you are in the area you can call in and have a browse. You might even like to attend one of the vintage markets or afternoons of live rockabilly music in the near future. If you are not in the area, there is always the Christine’s website where you can browse the gorgeous garments and order via phone or email and have whichever one takes your fancy, posted straight to your door!

 Mallory xoxox

P.S.  I will be uploading an outfit post of what I wore soon. X