Cool Cars!

We have some COOL CARS (and a few Harleys) that could be used YOUR photo shoot! Some of the beauties that we have available at our fingertips range from original to heavily modified with lots of bling, including:

  • The very first model holden, the notorious 48-215
  • Original FX & FJ Holdens (a growing little collection of them in fact!)
  • 1980 model Corvette
  • Pearl coloured  1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
  • 70s HQ Monaro coupe with flames
  • 60s Chevy Impala Coupe with matte black paint, a shaker hanging out of the bonnet & air-bag suspension
  • 1928 Model A Roadster with tunnel-rams
  • 50s Customline Sedan with blower (see picture)
  • 70s Chevy Pickup
  • 50s red coloured Customline convertible with flames
  • 70s Holden “Woody Van” station wagon on air-bag suspension -a great car for beach themed shoots!
  • 70s Holden utes
  • FJ Holden Nostalgic drag car

Won’t your photos look amazing with you posing with one of these cars?

You could also pose with a stunning 70s Harley Davidson bike with lots of chrome plus a brand new one too!

And of course, if you would like a pin-up, couple or family photography with your own pride and joy, no problem!

Cherry Martini & Skye Medusa by Mallory Holley Photography (MUAH Ollie Savage)

Check out our packages or contact us and book your shoot today!

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