New Studio Update!

Hello all!

I thought I would share with you some exciting news about the new studio, which we are currently renovating to transform this old film production studio on the Mornington Peninsula into an amazing custom photography studio!

Here is a little snap of what it used to look like, which I also shared with you all a while back .  So here is, if you like, the before shot… vola!

Now I could share a “during” photo with you, however that picture would speak a thousand words that I could quite frankly summarise into two.  “Under construction”.
Things do have to look worse before they look better, so I thought I would spare your eyes from the sight of ripped up carpet, a billion boxes of props, bits of wood, paint and the odd feather boa.

Everything is coming together rather well, and the end results will be stunning! I have also taken this “constructive” time to have a little fun and create some more props!   My favourite would be the giant white clam shell that I am painting at the moment because it is going to look absolutely amazing with my mermaid tail costume.  I can’t wait to shoot with it!

lots of love ♥ Mallory xo

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