A Pig Ate My Homework!

This little piggy stayed at home… with an appetite for destruction!

He may look like a cute study buddy, but leave your homework unattended to on the couch and you shall return to find that this little piggy has gobbled it all up!

Erratic tearing notions are a sure way to regain attention, especially when these precious little pages  have been read, annotated and high-lighted for many hours on end.  With the enthralling textures of soggy paper dabbled with ink, this little piggy is obviously lacking paper, ink and blue-highlighter lids in his diet.  Alternatively, these may be a tastier delicacy than potatoes, grass, grapes and wheetbix; which are usually a few of a pig’s favourite things to eat.

If every dog has his day, then a pig’s gotta do what a pig’s gotta do!

Who needs a paper-shreader when you have got a pig?  
♥ Mallory XXXX

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