Peacock Royale

Peacocks are the epitome of beauty and grace. With their extravagant eye-spotted tail feathers, boasting beautiful blue and green hues, I have great admiration for these truly majestic creatures. Hence, when I first laid eyes on Heart of Haute‘s ‘Monique dress’ in the ‘Peacock Royale’ fabric, I knew that I had to have it in my wardrobe.  Mesmorised by the peacock print and shimmering gold details, I fell in love with this irresistible dress at first sight. I was very excited to see that one of my favourite online stores, Dress Me Gorgeous, was stocking this classy little number.  And yes, I simply could not resist.

Yet I found it even more exciting when my frock arrived from Dress Me Gorgeous, presented perfectly in pastel pink tissue paper.  When I first tried it on, I felt incredibly graceful, and have had the same feeling every single time I have worn it since.  Of course, I wanted to show off this delightful dress and review it for y’all, so I put on my ‘Anaconda’ high heels from Betts, and posed with a whitewall wheeled Corvette for some snaps.

This dress was constructed in the U.S.A. from good quality fabric that is adorned by the limited edition ‘Peacock Royale’ print.  It is even more spectacular in person.  Being one hundred per cent cotton, this frock is a pleasure to wear on hot days, such as the afternoon we chose to capture these photographs.  Conversely, paired with a nice cardigan, open or fastened up, and some seamed stockings, it is perfect for cooler days too!  The matching tie belt provided, adds a lovely embellishment to the dress.  Nevertheless, it looks stunning with or without the tie belt.  Personally, I prefer to wear it with the belt.  I must say, I was very impressed with this cheerfully coloured dress.

The bateau neckline makes this garment extremely comfortable to wear.  I have great difficulties with many designs that are low-cut as I have to constantly keep an eye out for escaping bosoms.  Thankfully, I don’t have this issue with the design of this dress.

Although this neckline is very flattering and elegant, the cut can be a little tricky to fit over voluptuous hair.  This however, can easily be avoided via changing into the dress before styling your hair.  Albeit, being a rather slow learner, it has in fact taken me four times to finally remember to actually put my dress on prior to forcing my hair into victory rolls.  I have now overcome this dilemma, since resorting to affixing sticky note reminders to the coat hanger.  Alas, my victory rolls don’t resemble a bird’s nest whenever I wear this fabulous frock, which I really do love to wear.

The dress is super comfortable and I find the a-line skirt to be an extremely flattering cut, skipping smoothly over the stomach area.  It is perfect to wear on those days when I’m feeling as bloated as a puffer fish.  Hence, this garment is an excellent choice to wear out to dinner.  Especially after over-indulging on red wine!

Finally, when it comes time to washing this classy little number, the process is simple! Just a cold machine wash, hang dry (the good old fashioned way) and a quick iron inside-out.  No hand-washing or dry-cleaning!  Hoorah!  This dress is therefore great for the girl on the go, and I couldn’t recommend it more.

Of course, being a limited edition, the ‘Peacock Royale’ print will only be available for a short time.  Once it is gone, it will be gone.  If you just have to have this dress, it is best that you be quick to avoid being heartbroken.  If you do wish to purchase one for yourself, I would highly recommend that you do so from Melbourne’s own Dress Me Gorgeous. Email to pre-order yours, before it is too late.

 ♥ Mallory xoxox

MalloryHolleyPhotography_Heart of Haute_Monique_9613 copy MalloryHolleyPhotography_Heart of Haute_Monique_9631MalloryHolleyPhotography_Heart of Haute_Monique_9571 copy

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  1. Molly says:

    love it xx


  2. designersc says:

    Reblogged this on DS ♥ Vintage and commented:
    I have just met Mallory Holley on Facebook, this is her blog and its really good, a must read


  3. designersc says:

    Peacock Royal one of the best blogs Ive read


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