Precious Moments…

Nothing can compare to the pure love and joy that a newborn baby brings into the world. However, it surely is a very rewarding experience to be able to capture their very first few weeks of life with my camera, whilst they sleep in angelic bliss…

When adorable little Alexandria was only nine days new, I had the delight of photographing her in my recently opened studio on the Mornington Peninsula. Content with a full belly, this darling little girl slept ever so sweetly in array of vintage, retro and sentimental props as I created some special images for her beautiful mother, Sarah.

Mallory Holley Studios_01_WebResMallory Holley Studios_02_WebRes

I commenced our session by photographing baby Alexandria as she rested upon some soft velvet fabric inside our retro Brum peddle car. She slept peacefully, draped in lace and adorning a daisy crown.  I also captured images of this little sweetheart inside my red Regal hat box and with some rubber duckies in my vintage pink pedestal sink. For one of my photos, I was even lucky enough to attain her adorable smile –now that’s precious!

Mallory Holley Studios_14_WebResMallory Holley Studios_13_WebResNewborn photography in vintage basinMallory Holley Studios_11_WebRes

As with all of my photo shoots, I love to reflect my client’s interests and hobbies as much as possible. Therefore, since Sarah absolutely adores horses, we decided to also take some western themed photographs of her little cowgirl.

Mallory Holley Studios_10_WebResMallory Holley Studios_04_WebResMallory Holley Studios_03_WebResMallory Holley Studios_06_WebResMallory Holley Studios_07_WebResMallory Holley Studios_08_WebResMallory Holley Studios_09_WebRes

Another way that I try to make my images more personal is via using items that are of sentimental value to my clients, such as the little kitten that Alexandria is clutching. This cheerful soft toy adds that extra special touch to the photograph, since it was knitted especially for her by her grandmother.

Mallory Holley Studios_15_WebRes

Overall, we had a very relaxing afternoon listening to the tranquil rainfall sounds coming from my iPhone, courtesy of the ‘Sleepy Sounds’ app. Although it took a few feeds to be able to achieve the photographs that I captured, it was definitely worth it. This gorgeous little girl is not always going to be small enough to curl up inside a hatbox, but photographs can always preserve the memory, as she grows and continues to fulfill and enrich the lives of her loved ones.

So thank you Sarah, for allowing me to have the pleasure of photographing your precious newborn baby girl and of course, Congratulations!

 Mallory xoxox

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6 Responses to Precious Moments…

  1. Molly says:

    Cuteness overload! Once again another fantastic blog but with an adorable bubby this time! Well written xx

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  2. Milo says:

    Awwwweeee socute, so hard to choose my favorite pic! She is adorable and really good blog by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You’re so talented and i love that you take each client as a unique customer and make it personal to them it makes it so special…well done

    Liked by 1 person

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