My brand new Cadillac

Guess what? I have a brand new 2016 model Cadillac! Okay… to tell you the truth, I don’t have that twin turbo ATS-V coupe kind of Cadillac, but I do have a cute, fluffy German shepherd puppy kind, that just happens to be named Cadillac. 😉


Cadillac (left) with her brother (right).

You see, my mother found a post on Facebook that was advertising two long stock coat puppies still looking for homes, just a few hours drive away from where I live.  One was a girl and the other a boy. So she quickly called me to tell me this exciting news and I instantly contacted the breeder. We chatted on the phone and with good vibes, eventually organised a suitable time to visit the puppies.


Cadillac’s beautiful biological Mummy, Kira.

Hence, my family and I found ourselves driving to the kennels to look at the darling little puppies that very Sunday.  When we arrived, the lovely breeder took us into her backyard to introduce us to them.  They were all so adorably cute.  However, there happened to be this particular one that would not leave me alone. She kept tugging at the fringing on my leather jacket and playing tug of war with my camera strap.


To my surprise, that was the female puppy whom was yet to have a home lined up for.  As I continued to spend time with the puppies, I realised that this little girl and I just clicked.  I loved her personality, as she was also very bold and confident, to the point that she would keep returning to investigate my tote bag, and try to drag my camera away with her.  She had so much spunk (and an attitude too) so I just instantly fell in love with her.  She was perfect and it just seemed too good to be true! To be honest, this made my choice incredibly easy. Well, ultimately it wasn’t really my decision.  I didn’t have to choose a puppy because a puppy chose me!


Cadillac and her brother playing

Since she was only six weeks old, I could not bring her home with me that day. However, her breeder and I organised a time for me to return to adopt this cute little bundle of fluff when she was ready to leave her biological mother.  

So I counted down the days.  Soon enough, we returned to adopt my new fur baby and best friend.

I decided to call her Cadillac because she is an outstanding example of her kind and I felt that such a classy name suited her perfectly.  I have always wanted a Cadillac since I can remember.  Although a pink 1959 Coupe DeVille with whitewalls might be a few years away, for now I have my fix. 😉


My Mum and I thought it was pretty cool that when we were driving home with my new baby girl, a Cadillac drove past us, which is not something you usually see on your standard weekday, here in Australia.  Not long after, we also saw a jet fly super low over the freeway to land.  Noticing the coincidence, Mum and I looked at each other.   
’Maybe it’s a sign,’ she said, as we both giggled, knowing that the suffix selected for her registered name was Jet. Perhaps it was just meant to be.


Cadillac chillin’ on the grass at home.


The more time that I spend with her, the more I realise that Cadillac is the most amazing creature and she couldn’t have come at a more perfect time in my life.  I still can’t get over how lucky I am to be able to have her.


Home Sweet Home


Our boudoir 😉


Proud mama shopping for the first time with her new baby girl

So, now that I have a partner in crime, it’s going to mean that you are going to see a lot more of her in my blog posts!  After all, we are pretty much inseparable.  So, just as a word of warning, brace yourself for the puppy spam to come!

 Mallory xoxox

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4 Responses to My brand new Cadillac

  1. You guys look so much in love with eachother ♡♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. creepyandco says:

    Eeeeek Cadillac looks so cute!

    I cannot wait to see more photos of you both!

    Ashleigh x


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