Just Be Yourself

Back when I was a teenager, what essentially started as the thrill of sifting through piles of vinyl records during my regular visits to op shops in pursuit of music that I actually liked, quickly escalated into also searching for inexpensive and unique outfits. I loved this because that way I could express my creativity AND have more money to put towards my car.

Come to think of it though, I always LOVED wearing hand-me-downs as a kid… Even if, typical of the 80s fashion, my clothes encompassed every colour in the whole wide world… all at once. Or alternatively, I’d just wear every colour in a packet of highlighters, also all at once.

Much alike my approach toward choosing colours as a kid, I still can’t decide on a single style, so I will often simultaneously channel multiple decades of vintage fashion. Even if there is a rule book floating around somewhere, which apparently there is since those tabloid magazines like preaching from it, no one should have the authority to dictate to us what we should and should not wear anyway.

I have always believed that fashion should be a reflection of our personality. The world is such a beautiful and interesting place to live in because it is made up of unique individuals. So why not just be yourself? After all, no one can do it better! Allow what you wear to reflect your taste or even your mood. Wear what makes YOU feel good, what works for your body shape or what YOU find comfortable. And most certainly, wear whatever YOU like.

And why should it all stop at your wardrobe? Creativity has no limits, so why not extend your expression of self to your hairstyle, makeup or even how you choose to furnish and decorate your house? I sure do!

By the way, I wanted to show y’all my fabulous makeup brush roll from Twisted Retro. I just adore it so much!

This handy roll is totally my style, constructed from pink finned Cadillac car and leopard print fabric. I love the clear PVC strip too, as I can stash small, easily misplaced items inside such as tweezers AND actually see them!  Being mostly cotton, this organiser is super easy to clean because let’s admit it, makeup can get pretty messy. When necessary, I just hand wash mine in cold water and then hang it up somewhere to dry.

Just like the retro rag rollers that I’ve previously reviewed, there are loads of limited edition ready-made options to choose from at the Twisted Retro Store. However, if you are a serious makeup brush addict, please note that the rolls to house a hundred or more brushes are only available through custom order only. If this is the case, these babies can also be created from your choice of unique fabrics from the Twisted Retro sewing room. There are literally hundreds of fabrics in to choose from including styles such as rockabilly, psychobilly, girlie, gothic and more! In addition to plain and printed cottons, there are even faux leathers and pretty sparkly vinyl too!

Of course, this one was kustom-made to suit me. I already had a smaller one that I’ve had for years. Nevertheless, as my Zoeva makeup brushes started breeding, I ended up requiring a bigger brush roll to house them. Now due to underestimating the fertility of my makeup brushes, I have two of these beautiful things. Sorry, not sorry!

If you would like your own, feel free to check out the Twisted Retro Etsy Store for some ready-made beauties that are good to go.  Alternatively you can message Sue (the mastermind that creates them) on Facebook or email susanne@twistedretro.com if you would like a kustom-made one that reflects your personality, passion or whatever would be practical for you.

Anyway… until next time, always be you and stay true. Be what lights you up! After all, Coco Chanel apparently once said that beauty ‘begins the moment you decide to be yourself’ and life should really be a beautiful thing.

 Mallory Holley XXXX


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P.P.S. my glossy lippy is from Pout Perfection in the Blu-Red shade, which I think is a total makeup bag staple! (You can check out my review HERE!)

Outfit Details:

Dress | Spin Doctor ‘Arianna’

Shoes | Shoe Me Gorgeous

Hair Flowers | Thrifted

I’m also stealthing with my 20” underbust corset from What Katie Did! 😉

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