Nowhere to go in iso 2.0

It is a pretty crazy, confusing and unprecedented time that we find ourselves living in, but congratulations on passing the half-way mark of 2020.

Here in Melbourne, we are in lockdown yet again. Therefore with really nowhere to go in iso, I blew the dust off my camera and decided to take some photos with my fur babies. They didn’t mind either, mostly because carrots.

After a few candid snaps and having the remote to my camera almost swallowed by my much too inquisitive buckskin horse, I took a couple more shots with my Chevy pickup and Cadillac (my dog). However, this was soon cut short as I raced some gloomy rain clouds and rapidly lost light.  

Nevertheless, I really wanted to share with y’all my new (and super freakin’ cute) novelty bag from Wicker Darling. Usually I’d channel some pure western cowgirl vibes with this lovely gingham halter neck dress from Christines, but why not throw a tropical bird into the mix, just for a change?

Designed in Melbourne by Jasmine, this delightful creation is called ‘Talulah the Toucan’ and was named by her customers. Jasmine said ‘I took a few suggestions… and then put it to a vote. I’m all about customer input!’

In fact, it was her customers that actually inspired Jasmine to design this bag in the first place, which is a limited edition with only 50 of them being produced. 

‘I had initially said I wouldn’t do a toucan because it would be impossible to balance, but customers kept asking so … I did my best!’ she told me.

I can testify that she sure did an amazing job, but beyond beautiful bags there are some strong ethics underpinning this boss lady’s business. 

‘Wicker Darling handbags are handmade by a small, family-owned company in the Philippines who employ weavers and artisans specialising in traditional Filipino craftsmanship. To minimise carbon footprint and maximise benefits to local communities, rattan is sustainably harvested by hand from neighbouring co-ops and farmers. Weaving is done by hand, employing traditional techniques which keep local arts and crafts traditions alive, but also providing employment opportunities to men and particularly women; many weavers are mothers or older women who are afforded the opportunity to work from home, supplementing family income.’

I really do love the thoughtfulness behind this brand, in addition to the quirky novelty bags, which Jasmine usually releases via pre-order.

I’d definitely recommend that you check out the Wicker Darling Instagram page to peep at her other cute and colourful creations and join her entertaining e-newsletter if you’d like to be notified of her new releases.

If you are a cat-lover you will also be delighted to hear that Jasmine’s next release will be not one but TWO kitty designs.  These also come with a cute coin-hoarding rodent friend to be clipped to their collars, or dropped straight into their bellies if you would so desire. There will however be only 45 of each produced, so again I would encourage you to join her e-newsletter to be notified when these purr boys are ready for preorder.  

Do be warned, however. With so many adorable designs, once you introduce one Wicker Darling bag into your wardrobe, you may become rather addicted. At least handbags will always fit you though.

With this cheerful toucan bag being one of my favorites, I am sure that you will see her again in my future blog posts and YouTube videos.

Until then, much love and stay safe!

♥ Mallory Holley  xoxox


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Outfit details: 

Dresses: Christines
Petticoats: Christines 

Bag: Wicker Darling
Cowboy boots: from the 1980s
Heels: Shoe Me 

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2 Responses to Nowhere to go in iso 2.0

  1. Danyelle says:

    The way you styles this shoot is so lovely and balanced.
    I think you may have finally tempted me into purchasing from them, especially with the mention of a cat and mouse combo


    • Thank you so much for your kind compliment, Danyelle.🧡 I’m sure that you’ll be very pleased with your purchase because the bags are such beautiful quality. I heard that they should be released at 6pm Monday August 24th AEST. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. 😊 xxx


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