Marvellous Melbourne

We met up with the lovely Jess from Shoe Me Gorgeous in Melbourne last week. Jess & her cute little toddler son, had come all the way from Adelaide to visit Melbourne for the Shoe Festival.
We took advantage of Jess visiting Melbourne as an excuse to catch up in person, rather than over the phone, as will be photographing some of the stunning T.U.K. styles that Jess stocks in her online Shoe Me Gorgeous store!  Plus, we had an enjoyable night out and dinner whilst admiring the view and the colourful city lights.
I thought I might share with you a photo that I took on the way back to the ute after meeting up with Jess.  I couldn’t help dragging my DSLR along.  It balances out the weight of my hand bag.
Expect some more interesting photos of sassy shoes from Shoe Me Gorgeous and pin-ups soon!
♥ Mallory xoxox
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