New Housemates!

I’m really sorry if you came across my blog in a google search, but this has noting to do with the Big Brother television show that is currently running on channel Nine.  Instead, I am going to tell you about the new housemates of our own, that have just moved into our humble little 1950s house; possums! 

Unfortunately they are somewhat shy and like hiding in the ceiling.  We can hear them, but cannot see them.  I can’t wait to actually meet them though.  I’d love to take some photos of my new little friends.  Soon, I’m sure, they will settle right in, and eventually decide to introduce themselves. 

Whilst I am waiting, the thought struck my head to share with you a snap from my iPhone (when it actually did work).  This is a gorgeous little orphan that we rescued earlier this year and took to our local wildlife sanctuary, where he will be well looked after and released into the wild again, when he is old enough to fend for himself.  He enjoyed his ride there in the statesman, where I took this:

Its always nice for a blog post to be accompanied by a picture.  If you cant be bothered reading my ramblings, its always pleasant to just look at the picture.   Especially when it’s as cute as this little guy. I assume he has a similar demeanor to my new housemates.  

I can’t wait until they finally come out to say hello!  

♥ Mallory xoxox

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4 Responses to New Housemates!

  1. Molly says:

    Remember when we found the really little baby possum on the back door step late at night and we wrapped it up and kept it hydrated during the night with an eye droppers of water…..and you had to keep reassuring me it wasn’t a baby rat that we were looking after!



      He was cute! Haha I remember going into your room in the middle of the night and waking you up to ask you why you put him in my bed with me. I didn’t know that he escaped from his box and climbed up into my bed himself to cuddle up next to me when I was sleeping. The trust these helpless creatures have is incredible! ♥ Mallory xxxx


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