Love Vintage

For many, vintage may be seen as a growing trend, an obsession or even a lifestyle, since they surely don’t make things like they used to.  Even if an item is a vintage reproduction, there is always something classic and classy about the style that is timeless.  Wearing a garment from or inspired by the eras when fashion was the epitome of chic and elegance simply doesn’t date, plus it is unlikely that you will turn up to an event wearing the same outfit as three other people!

I spend many hours sourcing gorgeous vintage and reproduction clothing accessories and props to use in my photo shoots and I love hearing the stories behind the items if known, or simply imagine the tales they could tell me if only they could talk.

I have a suitcase that what a gentlemen brought with him, containing only the things he take to Australia when he migrated here from Scotland, leaving all his friends and family behind in the 1940s.  I have garments that were custom made for engagements and honeymoons, and other very special occasions and a ladies clown suit from the 1950s that I can only immagine the carnivals, circuses and cheers it has seen!

I’m sure that many of you that also love vintage spend many hours driving all over the countryside to find hidden treasures or maybe gamble by purchasing something online, with your fingers crossed that it will fit when it arrives in your mailbox.   Wouldn’t things be much simpler if many vintage stores were all in the one place?  That way you have more time to shop, try on garments and talk face-to-face with other vintage lovers.  Well, that is exactly what the Love Vintage show is all about, and more!

With quality original designer and vintage fashion for men and women, Love Vintage is said to be “THE place to find the perfect outfit and accessories for the spring racing carnival.”  With many exhibitors attending the event, you will be sure to find fine and costume jewellery, unique hats and sunglasses, shoes and handbags from the eras of 1900-1980.  There will also be funky retro home-wares availiable, linen, lace, textiles, collectables and treasures!

Not only will there be fabulous shopping at Love Vintagebut there will also be lots of entertainment and fun!  There will be a  best dressed in vintage competition with wonderful prizes to be won. There will also be tutorials and tips from expert vintage stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists and performances on the stage.

If all the excitement gets too tiring, or you do literally shop ’til you drop, make sure you ‘drop’ in front of the cafe and champagne bar that will be open during the show.

The Love Vintage show starts TONIGHT (October 5th 2012) and finishes this Sunday (October 7th) and is being held at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton (opposite the Museum).

The times for the show are as follows:
Friday October 5th: 5.30pm – 9.00pm  ‘Opening Evening’
Saturday October 6th: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday October 7th: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Mallory Holley Photography will be attending the show capturing photos of the exciting atmosphere, people and fashion for a magazine publication, so I hope to see you at the Love Vintage show this weekend!

♥ Mallory XXXX

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