Winners are Grinners

The first Tuesday of this month was of course the Lets Go Cruisin’ cruise night at Mornington. Hence, an eclectic collection of hot rods, rat rods, classic cars and muscle cars again gathered at the Peninsula Homemaker centre on Bungower Road. Knowing all too well that it had been too long since I had blown the cobwebs off the ‘55 F.J. Holden, I took her blanket off and drove her down to join the fun with my Dad riding as passenger. It was just the two of us, just like old times.

Taken at the end of the night after almost everyone had left, this is me with my F.J. Holden.

Taken at the end of the night after almost everyone had left, this is me with my F.J. Holden.

The turnout was massive! Being such fine weather for a Melbourne Cup Tuesday, the car park was full so I had to be creative and make my own park. I’m not complaining though, there were more cars there to admire and be inspired by. I call these events “research” for my other little projects at home, as well as little add-ons for my FJ, which is my only registered classic car at the moment. Yep, I think my old girl needs some hot rod style indicators off the bumper to replace the ugly cheapy plastic indicators that resemble tacky trailer lights. Venetians and a visor are on my wish list too! I swooned over many cars, gathering ideas and accumulating future projects.

Aside from inspiration, nights like these have a fantastic social element to them.  Cruise Night gives us the opportunity to catch up with familiar faces that I have known for years. Of course, we also met a heap of new people too!  It is great to be around others that share a similar passion and love for hot rods, classic and muscle cars.

We had a great time and I received numerous compliments on my anchor Vivien of Holloway 1950’s reproduction halter neck circle dress from Christine’s a few years ago. I decided to wear it, as I have recently died my hair from Hot Hot Pink to red. My new hair colour was created from an ombre blend of three Manic Panic colours, Vampire Red, Pillarbox Red and Wildfire. I thought the blue and white dress with red and white accents would go well, as red, white and blue compliment each other beautifully.

I wore two petticoats as I thought the white and red would look pretty together. I always get my petticoats from Christine’s, as the ones that they stock with their soft, bouncy chiffon are by far the best that I have ever worn!

I decided to accessorise with my delightful ‘First Mate’ purse from Sourpuss and Pinup Courture Teeze-12-3 heels from  Shoe Me Gorgeous. The darling old-school nautical tattoo flash print adorning these stunning shoes just seemed to compliment my anchor dress and purse perfectly. The red ribbon was enough to tie them in with the other red accents in my outfit (and my hair!) Although the ribbons of these shoes are interchangeable, the red is most frequently flaunted.

My shoes held up pretty well all night and I had a blast walking around with Dad and looking at all the cool cars that turned up for the evening. We then each grabbed a takeaway coffee to fuel us as we chatted and walked around the rest of the car park. I assure you, it is the best way to enjoy a good coffee!

Eventually, it was time for the speeches and raffle. We gathered around and I made sure to keep the raffle ticket we were given when we drove in, as last time Dad lost it.

To my surprise, our ticket was drawn and I won a prize pack from AC Delco including oil and a filter! I literally screamed, then proceeded to walk across a garden bed in my heels without going splat. I think we call that a double success.

Indeed, winners are grinners! Our night ended on such a high, and perfect timing because my car is almost due for a service. I am really looking forward to the Santa Cruise next month!

 Mallory xoxox

The fabulous AC Delco prize pack that I won in the Lets Go Crusin' raffle.

The fabulous AC Delco prize pack that I won in the Lets Go Crusin’ raffle.

Back in the workshop with Dad standing next to my F.J. and his F.X (48-215) Holden.

Back in the workshop with Dad standing next to my F.J. and his F.X (48-215) Holden.

'59 Cadillacs have pretty fins.

’59 Cadillacs have pretty fins.

Vivien of Holloway logo

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14 Responses to Winners are Grinners

  1. Molly says:

    Wow another great blog! So enjoyable to read. Your dress, hair, makeup looked gorgeous! Well done for another fantastic read!


  2. designersc says:

    You seem to have a wonderful relationship with your Dad, you are a very lucky lady, so many
    Dads and/or parents have no idea how to connect with their children. Totally wonderful read and your love for vintage cars is inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. designersc says:

    Reblogged this on DS ♥ Vintage and commented:
    Mallory Holley’s is an dedicated lover of vintage cars especially her very own much loved FJ Holden. With her love of cars she has an extra special bond with her Dad and this post emcompasses what family and relationships between parents and child should always be. Through childhood to adulthood, to bond and always have wonderful memories. Well done Malley. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Christine Bitomsky says:

    You look fabulous as always and no splat! Bonus! Haha! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Taylor Phoenix says:

    Oh my goodness! I love your car – she’s a stunner! As are you – I love your new hair colour and might have to try combining the MP reds myself 😉


  6. You look absolutely fabulous Mallory!! That whole event sounds like it was so much fun 😀 I had never thought of wearing two colour matching petticoats at once before, but I am totally going to be trying that out now! Thanks for the idea 😉


  7. ildikó says:

    Hi Mallory, haven’t seen you for ages! I absolutely love your new hair colour! You are sooo beautiful…..Sounds like you had a really good evening, taking out you gorgeous car and Dad as well. Hope everything else is going good for you! Lots of Love & Hugs xxxxxxx ildi


    • Thank you so much ildi ♥ I had a fabulous evening. I wish I could go cruising more often. Yes, it has been so long since we have caught up. Hopefully we see each other again soon. Thank you for your kind words. I hope that everything is going good for you too! Catch up soon gorgeous lady. ♥ xxxxx


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