Pink Polkadots & Gold Diggers

The 1950s reproduction halterneck circle dresses by Vivien of Holloway would have to be one of my all-time favourite styles of dress for both everyday wear and for an evening out. They have an ingenious design which includes a boned bodice, tightly nipped waist and full circle skirt that combine cinch, disguise and support all the right places. These fabulously flattering dresses also come in variety of colours and patterns.  Consequently, this has meant that over the years, I have acquired quite a few of them from Christine’s, the exclusive Australian Stockist of the brand. Who could blame me when they are all so beautiful?

When you buy one of these dresses, you invest in a quality U.K. made garment that will last you many, many years. Being a reproduction from the 1950s, you will be wearing a classic design that doesn’t date by the passing of the season. Alike things made in the 1950s, these dresses are built to last and are worth every penny. Of course, many of these dresses are created from limited edition fabrics that are no longer available when sold out.  Therefore, you need to either snap them up from Christine’s when they are available or in the alternative, forever mourn what could have been.

Since I love pink and black, I was very lucky to score the last pink and black polkadot dress in my size, a couple of years ago now. Time after time I have worn this dress and just accessorised it in a different ways.  Whether it be tucking the straps in for a strapless look, wearing a zipped up bikie jacket or cropped cardigan on top in winter or simply wearing the bolero with another dress or skirt, this is definitely a versatile little number that gets plenty of wear.

As I was getting ready for the official opening for Christine’s in Fitzroy, I thought it would be appropriate to wear one of my gorgeous frocks from the store. I spontaneously decided upon my pink and black polkadot one.  I often accompany this dress with the matching bolero, however, as you can see in the photos it can also be worn without.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine's without the bolero.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine’s without the bolero.

I was in a bit of a rush, so I shoved my messy hair into a ponytail and wacked in a trusty black bandana. I also added both my pink and black Sam’s petticoats (also from Christine’s) under my frock for a little extra volume to my skirt. To continue the pink and black theme (and to tie into my red lipstick nicely) I chose my Iron Fist ‘Gold Digger’ purse and matching platform heels.

Although shoe collection comprises of 300+ pairs which I no-longer bother counting as the statistics don’t go in my favour to justify the acquisition of more, these heels would have to be my absolute favourite of them all.  These little ‘Gold Diggers’ were a new take on the very first Iron Fist ‘Zombie Stomper’ design, with a vibrant metallic pink and contrasting red. I really do love the gold bejeweled tooth that these little zombies have above the peeptoe detailing, which suits their name quite well. They have a four-inch stiletto heel and a one-inch concealed platform, making them a nice comfortable height. They are also 100% vegan.

My darling mother purchased them for me as a gift for looking after her house and fur babies when she, Dad and my baby brother went on a holiday a few years back. I think I got the sweet end of the deal, new shoes and cuddles with her fur babies! I absolutely treasure these shoes and the matching purse that was also a gift to me. Together, they are quite a dynamic duo and only come out for special occasions.

I also love it that my ‘Gold Digger’ purse is the zip-up pockets on the outside.  This makes a convenient place to stash my iPhone with easy access to it when it’s ringing, when I need to call someone or just feel the urge to watch cute pig videos.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine's, teamed with the matching bolero.

My pink polkadot 1950s reproduction dress from Christine’s, teamed with the matching bolero.

Finally, I required a little bit of bling to complete my outfit. Therefore, I decided to wear my Cadillac Detroit Star necklace from Retro a-go-go. This necklace with seven special sparkling rhinestones is surely a conversation starter.  I am a huge fan of their jewellery as I love automotive inspired jewellery, so the officially licensed GM pieces are a huge hit with me.

So there you have it, my pink polkadot and ‘Gold Digger’ assemblage, embellished with some Cadillac bling as worn to the official opening for Christine’s in Fitzroy.

Ciao for now!
 Mallory xoxox

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4 Responses to Pink Polkadots & Gold Diggers

  1. Christine Bitomsky says:

    i LOVE the way you put together an outfit Mallory!


  2. love your work, well done you!


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