Congratulations Kelly & Adam!

I am very lucky to have had the privilege of being able to capture special memories for wonderful people, such as those for newly engaged, Kelly and Adam.

Although my new studio is expected to be opening in July this year, we squeezed in Kelly and Adam’s shoot to ensure that their photos would be ready in time for their engagement party. Kelly is very talented at crafting and made a gorgeous guest book that she wanted to scrapbook the photos from her and Adam’s shoot within, for a beautiful keepsake. What a fabulous idea!

Kelly and Adam both have lovely low-rider bikes, one that we used for their engagement shoot. Although this particular bike was actually Kelly’s, we decided that it was a little more practical for Adam to ride it. High heels and pedals aren’t usually a good combination.

Mallory Holley Studios_4228web

For these photos, Kelly wore a red tartan pinafore skirt and classic gypsy top with ric-rac trim from Christine’s, Australia’s exclusive Vivien of Holloway stockist.

Mallory Holley Studios_4296web

I also took some photographs of Kelly and Adam with our 1955 F.J. Holden. Kelly wore a lovely halterneck circle dress, in a small red and white polkadot pattern and Adam wore a blue gingham check shirt, both from Christine’s.

Mallory Holley Studios_4314web

Mallory Holley Studios_4325web

Mallory Holley Studios_4408web

Mallory Holley Studios_4430web

Additionally, we took some fun photos with a heart shaped box of chocolates and red roses. For these images, Adam wore a Vivien of Holloway ‘petrol check’ shirt from Christine’s. Kelly opted for a beautiful ‘Grace dress’ in the limited edition ‘Wild Rose Cerise’ fabric with red and black petticoats, also from Christine’s.

Mallory Holley Studios_4786web

Mallory Holley Studios_4838web

Since Kelly loves collecting records, we recreated a cute idea that she originally saw on Instagram, which saw me scribbling on some of my records with a chalk marker. I didn’t fancy the music on these two anyway!  For these photos, Kelly changed into one of the new ‘Poppy peach’ patterned halterneck circle dresses that just arrived at Christine’s.

Mallory Holley Studios_4613web

Mallory Holley Studios_4704web

We also paid homage to another fabulous idea that Kelly adored. This one involved wooden scrabble tiles and Kelly’s beautiful engagement ring with her hands placed inside Adam’s. Additionally, I ensured that I included Kelly’s beautiful Pandora bracelet. Earlier that afternoon when I was applying Kelly’s makeup, she told me that it was a special gift from her fiancé, Adam. Hence, I thought that it was very significant that I captured her beautiful bracelet in this image.

Mallory Holley Studios_4527web

Congratulations Kelly and Adam! I wish you a lifetime of many more happy memories together.

 Mallory xoxox

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  1. kelvin says:

    Great photos Mallory


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