Saturday Night Live at the Outbound BP

For a few weeks now, my Dad has wanted to go to the ‘Saturday Night Live’ meet at the BP Outbound servo, located on Melbourne’s Eastlink Tollway. So last Saturday night, he had his 1959 Cadillac Coupe DeVille washed and ready to go. Although I have been rather preoccupied lately with getting my new studio ready, I thought it wouldn’t hurt if I slacked off for the night and tagged along.

It’s been a while since we have gone on a car cruise.  Sometimes I find that we just get so immersed in our work that we forget to stop to admire pretty cars, since smelling roses just doesn’t really cut it for us.

XTOGVK Commodore at BP Outbound Car Cruise

This is Simon’s awesome XTOGVK Commodore.

Also, Dad had recently done some work on the electrics of his Caddy, so it was good opportunity for a little test run.  My little brother also joined us. Thankfully the weather was nice and pleasant and there was a rather large turnout to admire at the BP Outbound servo.

In fact, there were so many cars there that it even took us a couple of laps to find a suitable park, since we had to forfeit a few good opportunities due to our length. It wasn’t bad though because cars seemed to be slowly coming and going throughout the night, therefore parks become vacated for new arrivals.  A couple of laps surely did not bother us a bit as we had plenty of eye candy to look at.

Orange Ford at BP Outbound Car Cruise

Once we had parked, we went for a walk around to admire the beautiful cars that filled the car park.  There were so many to look at, and all sorts too!  It was lovely that the gathering was for car enthusiasts in general to bring their pride and joy and meet other people that shared the passion for cars.  There was a unique blend of Aussie and American muscle cars, classics, Commodores and even a Ferrari.

Corvette at BP Outbound Car Cruise

Corvettes are always my favourite… Though its a pity that you can’t see the rad new cowboy boots that I’m wearing here, hopefully my adorable bag makes up for it.

We walked around for ages, which gave me a good chance to take a few photos and break in my new cowboy boots.  My brother and I also grabbed drinks from Maccas.  Having an icy cold coffee frappe wasn’t the brightest of ideas considering it was a cool winter night, however it tasted grouse.

leaving BP Outbound Car Cruise

Although we all had a great night, it eventually came time to head home and park the Caddy back in the garage. Nevertheless, with spring just around the corner, I hope to go cruising with my awesome family and our classic cars more often.

 Mallory xoxox

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6 Responses to Saturday Night Live at the Outbound BP

  1. christine says:

    And sounds like a good time was had by all 🙂


  2. CarLiz says:

    Glad you liked our Corvette.


  3. designersc says:

    Great photos. Sound like a really fun night, I remember the last blog about you and your Dad cruising, it was a while ago, I love the connection you two have.. .


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