Playful puppies and prints

A little while ago, I seized the opportunity to shoot with the darling Miss Dodge, since I knew this adorable German Shepherd puppy was definitely not going to stay this little forever. Naturally, I thought this would also be the perfect opportunity to spam you with playful puppy photos, and review another stunning skirt from Dress Me Gorgeous. You’re welcome.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0374

Just like the ‘Dress Me Unique’ pencil skirt that I previously featured, this sassy little number was also custom made especially for me. It is a vintage inspired a-line style, carefully stitched together from thick cotton sateen. This particular fabric has a lovely heavy feel to it and also adorns a beautiful, bright floral print. I love the colourful, abstracted pattern. It seems to just compliment everything, even my hair!

Certainly, this same skirt can be made in any fabric of your choice from the massive collection at the Dress Me Gorgeous headquarters. If a skull, cupcake, polka dot, gingham, cherry or leopard print is more your style, this skirt can be made for you, precisely to your measurements and specifications. If you would prefer one in the same fabric as mine though, do get in quick as there is only a limited quantity of it left!

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0380

In addition from being sewn from any fabric of your choice, you can choose to have this skirt at whatever length you fancy. Shorter or longer! A skirt like mine is only $60 AU, which is extremely reasonable for such a special, one-off custom-made creation.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0346

For this particular shoot, I decided to pair my skirt with some other goodies that I also received from Dress Me Gorgeous. My Banned flamingo cardigan and matching handbag seemed a good choice. I love the colourful flamingo embroidery designs adorning these pieces. I also have the matching wallet, neatly tucked inside my bag.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and Banned bag_0623

Additionally, I wore my Jubly Umph flamingo earrings and necklace set for a little added bling. Since I absolutely adore flamingos, when I saw these, I literally squealed and had to have them all! I honestly have absolutely no self-control when I see flamingos. None! There is even a flock of over thirty of these flamboyant birds in my garden. I’m also pretty sure that the day I get to hug a real flamingo, my life will be complete.

Banned Flamingo Cardigan and Jubly Umph earrings-necklace set_0553

Since there is no such thing as too many flamingos, my shoes also feature them in an all-over x-ray print. I love the unique five-inch black, bone-shaped heel on these babies. Due to the concealed platform, these pretty peep-toes are super easy to walk in too! They are made by a brand called Too Fast and alike many of my heels; these ones were from Shoe Me Gorgeous, albeit a while back.

Although this amazing online store has oodles of beautiful shoes for any occasion or outfit, they no longer have any of this particular style left. However, if you are really lucky, you might score some in a buy/swap/sell group on Facebook or alternatively could find stores on eBay who have some old stock in your size.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0468

As always, the Cuban heeled seamed stockings that I am wearing are one of many of the lovely styles that we stock in our studio. I am a huge fan of these as they give the illusion of perfectly flawless legs in photographs. This particular pair is in a full pantyhose style. They are ideal for lazy days when I couldn’t be bothered with a garter belt, but still desire a glamorous touch or some added warmth! I find that these classic seams really compliment this skirt as both are from that elegant time of yesteryear.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy_0402

Of course, this skirt is extremely versatile and can be worn with almost anything. It is a classic design, so like many vintage inspired garments, it will never go out of style. I often wear mine with a plain coloured singlet top a pair of cowboy boots. The fabulous thing with separates is that you can mix and match to obtain various looks from a few essential pieces.

Printed pinup skirt by Dress Me Gorgeous and German Shepherd Puppy

Like all the garments I have had custom-made by Dress Me Gorgeous, these skirts are extremely well made and durable. I promise you will get a lot of wear from them. I sure have worn this particular skirt a lot, since it is super comfortable. So comfortable in fact, that I actually wore mine when I sat for my law exams!

If you would like your very own custom made to measure skirt, all you have to do is message the Dress Me Gorgeous Facebook page with your choice of fabric, waist and hip measurements as well as the length that you would like your skirt to be. It’s pretty easy! Don’t forget when takingyour measurements, to pull the tape as tightly as you would like to wear the garment!

 Mallory xoxox

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I got photobombed by my handsome bull terrior, Tank.  He heard that there were bones on my shoes.

I got photobombed by my handsome bull terrior, Tank. He heard that there were bones on my shoes.

Outfit Summary:
Skirt: Dress Me Gorgeous
Cardigan: Banned via Dress Me Gorgeous
Bag: Banned via Dress Me Gorgeous
Earrings & Necklace: Jubly Umph
Stockings: Mallory Holley Studios
Shoes: Too Fast

Dress Me Gorgeous

P.S. By the way, little Miss Dodge isn’t so little anymore but just as adorable as ever!

My FJ Holden, new studio and Dodge.

P.P.S. I took this selfie on my phone sometime last year when I was waiting on the steps for my ride home after finishing my last exam for law.  I really do love wearing this skirt!


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