Miami Cheesecake

Over the last couple of months I have been very busy planning and executing some outright creative concepts, in as much spare time I can make.  Encompassing hot cars, gorgeous models, burlesque and cheesecake, I’ve been creating everything from garage scenes all the way to turning a garage into a beach, complete with a hot rod roadster seagulls, seashells and literally a tonne of sand.  This is because I am having my first ever solo exhibition very, very soon.

I’m a little (maybe a lot) nervous as there are still more shoots to go and a LOT more editing and then some printing to bring it all together but slowly and surely it is all coming together.  I have such wonderful support from everyone around me that I am really grateful for.  

So my exhibition is going to be at this gorgeous little venue, Bartiste Lounge Bar, in Frankston.  I love the place! It is quirky and unique.  There is great food that will tantalise your taste buds and drinks too! The coffees are the best I’ve ever had (honestly) and the entertainment is well, entertaining.  Some would describe the place as contemporary because it holds everything from Blue Grass, Burlesque performances, Latin dancing lessons, Flamenco, even poetry readings and every month is a new exhibition, with this coming December being my month.  I would just call the place creative.  

Here is just a peep of what’s inside:

On the 9th of December, adorning the rich burgundy walls of this quirky, creative hidden treasure will be my art.  Be excited, because the opening night will be from 4pm -6pm on Sunday the 9th of December, and my art will remain exhibited at Bartiste, until that 12th Janurary.  I’m dying to show everyone what I have made.  Yes, I’m one of those people that finds a super-cool present and gives it early (or tells what it is) coz I simply can’t wait!  However, as much as the suspense kills me, all will be revealed at 4pm of the 9th December (2012) that is! 

Okay maybe one sneaky peak…

For the rest you will have to wait! The best is yet to come!

I better get some more editing done this morning now before my burlesque shoot with a Corvette and a gorgeous model this afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful, productive day.  Ciao.

♥ Mallory XXXX

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