behind the scene

Better busy than bored they always say
and busy is just what the last few weeks have been.
So I’m going to let you in on a sneaky peak
and invite you all to join me behind the scene
at my little studio on the Mornington Peninsula,
where creativity and limits are unforeseen.

With late night shoots of bullet bras and Corvettes
and others for some magazines, 
Boudoir, beach and body-paint shoots,
and cute pin-up ones with vintage gum ball machines.
We’ve even had shoots that have put my makeup artist to sleep
and a rather messy one that turned my bath tub green!
But don’t worry if you’re doing a mini-shoot this week,
as two scourers and a bottle of vinegar later, the tub is now finally clean.

With Miami Cheesecake less than three weeks away,
I assure you there will be a rather vast consumption of caffeine.
I have A LOT of editing (and still some shoots) to do for my exhibition
so goodbye for now until we reconvene.

♥ Mallory XXXX

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