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Too many times have I searched high and low for a particular garment that I have envisaged for a specific occasion, only to be coerced to compromise with something else. Well not anymore!

Not only does Dress Me Gorgeous stock a beautiful array of our favourite vintage inspired brands, purses and accessories, but now they also custom make to measure the perfect garment of your dreams. Exactly how you envisaged it! No more copious hours wasted searching high and low for the right piece for a particular occasion! Now it is just as simple as an email or private message over Facebook and BAM! Whatever your heart so desires will be made especially for you at a very affordable price!

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0114

Of course, Dress Me Gorgeous is able to custom make a whole range of garments from tops to trousers, shorts to skirts and of course fabulous frocks. However, today I am going to introduce you to the ‘Dress Me Unique Pencil Skirt’.

I can assure you that it feels very special to own a skirt that is one of a kind, custom made just for me. A skirt made precisely to my measurements, with the features that I want and the length that I want. A skirt that is unique.

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0186.

The skirt that was made for me is a classic tapered design with a pinch pleat trim. It also boasts fabulous lace-trimmed pockets, which are handy because I can have one for my car keys and the other for my iPhone. The lace just makes it even prettier! The poly cotton fabric chosen was a unique leopard patterned print, since what better combination than leopard and lace? Oh yes, I know I am very biased!

The length can be made to any desire, as well as the height of the waistband, so this one was made to my preference. I just love high waists as they flatter the proportions of my figure more. Since I’m only five foot four, the illusion of longer legs is welcomed with a higher waistband.

The other features of the skirt can also be customised especially for you. You can choose to have any trim you like. Whether it be a pinch pleat like mine, pom-poms, lace or neatly hemmed, the choice is yours! Also, you have a huge array of beautiful fabrics to choose from at the Dress Me Gorgeous headquarters. You might like to take a peep in the facebook album!

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0128.

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0159.

Bold printed skirts are great to mix and match with other garments. For this shoot, I decided to wear mine with my black Sourpuss Leopard Mesh Dainty Top and my favourite faux leather cropped jacket that I scored in Vinnies for $10. I’ve been wearing this jacket everywhere lately!

My earrings are cute little piggies made by Jubly Umph, which were also from Dress Me Gorgeous, and my necklace is a beautiful 1950s vintage costume jewellery one. Mine was a gift from a really sweet client of mine, however I have seen some similar ones available from Melbourne-based online store, Designer Showcase. I confess, there are two I am eyeing off at the moment!

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0165.

Mallory Holley Dress Me Unique Leopard Pinup Pencil Skirt

My shoes are Pleaser 660FH Delights from Shoe Me Gorgeous. I thought these would work well as the black colour compliments my clothing and the cute little pink corset ribbons at the back match my hair perfectly. Aside from pink, these babies also come with red or purple ribbons at the back. Personally, I find them really easy to walk in, so they are a good choice for shoots like these. It is even possible to balance on a rickety, half rotted wooden pier over water whilst holding a wriggling puppy!

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0291.

I also nabbed some Cuban heeled seamed stockings from the range that we sell in the studio. Good stockings are essential for perfect pins in photographs! The ones I wore here are full pantyhose and are really convenient for lazy days. I can proudly say that I did this shoot with a hyperactive German shepherd puppy with piercing little teeth that like to chew everything (including my new Ray Ban glasses) and I did not get one hole or ladder! I think we can call that a successful shoot!

Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0303.

The gorgeous puppy that accompanied me for this shoot is Miss Dodge. After one of my previous posts, I wanted another excuse to shoot with her again as she is just one cute little ball of fluff! I hope you all enjoy the outfit I have put together and the photos as much as I enjoyed this shoot.

Unfortunately, on second thoughts, I don’t think any of my posts will be as enjoyable as wearing a gorgeous custom-made skirt and cuddling such a beautiful puppy. Although, if it makes you feel better, you can order your very own Dress Me Unique pencil skirt. If you would like one custom made for you, the way you want it, simply head on over to Dress Me Gorgeous, email hello@dressmegorgeous.com.au or call 1300 868 137.bl

 Mallory xoxox

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Dress Me Gorgeous Pinup Dress Review German Shepherd Puppy_0214.

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7 Responses to Dress Me Unique

  1. Molly says:

    Fantastic blog as always, gorgeous skirt from Dress me Gorgeous and what an adorable little puppy! Very enjoyable read! ♥♥♥


  2. Taylor Phoenix says:

    That skirt is almost as gorgeous as your hair, and don’t even get me started on your puppy 😉 ❤


  3. Ashley Mills says:

    ………Runs to store to find hoomin sized puppy costume and plane ticket to Straya 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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