For the love of cars!

You don’t have to be a mechanic, panel beater or a racing car driver to absolutely LOVE cars.  Nor do you have to even be a bloke!  

Symptoms of a car addiction may include the following: 

  • Your favourite colour is chrome.
  • You have pets named after cars.
  • You also want to name your kids after cars. 
  • You’re more comfortable on a creeper than a recliner.
  • You don’t think of trousers when someone mentions “belt”.
  • Instead of calling a tow truck, friends call you.
  • When you hear the word “mustang” you don’t think of a horse or a boat.
  • You know a blower has nothing to do with gardening.
  • You can drive three on a tree, but can’t program the television.
  • You actually know what “three on a tree” is. 
  • You want to fill your house with automotive memorabilia such as oil cans, metal signs, number plates, pictures of cars, models of cars or even car seats!
  • You prefer a gift to be something for your car.
  • Your preferred place to sit when you go out for diner is somewhere that you can watch your car.
  • You vacuum your car more than your house.
  • When you look for a new house, the only requisite is a garage -the larger the better!

If you know of any other symptoms, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂

♥ Mallory XXXX

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Love Vintage

For many, vintage may be seen as a growing trend, an obsession or even a lifestyle, since they surely don’t make things like they used to.  Even if an item is a vintage reproduction, there is always something classic and classy about the style that is timeless.  Wearing a garment from or inspired by the eras when fashion was the epitome of chic and elegance simply doesn’t date, plus it is unlikely that you will turn up to an event wearing the same outfit as three other people!

I spend many hours sourcing gorgeous vintage and reproduction clothing accessories and props to use in my photo shoots and I love hearing the stories behind the items if known, or simply imagine the tales they could tell me if only they could talk.

I have a suitcase that what a gentlemen brought with him, containing only the things he take to Australia when he migrated here from Scotland, leaving all his friends and family behind in the 1940s.  I have garments that were custom made for engagements and honeymoons, and other very special occasions and a ladies clown suit from the 1950s that I can only immagine the carnivals, circuses and cheers it has seen!

I’m sure that many of you that also love vintage spend many hours driving all over the countryside to find hidden treasures or maybe gamble by purchasing something online, with your fingers crossed that it will fit when it arrives in your mailbox.   Wouldn’t things be much simpler if many vintage stores were all in the one place?  That way you have more time to shop, try on garments and talk face-to-face with other vintage lovers.  Well, that is exactly what the Love Vintage show is all about, and more!

With quality original designer and vintage fashion for men and women, Love Vintage is said to be “THE place to find the perfect outfit and accessories for the spring racing carnival.”  With many exhibitors attending the event, you will be sure to find fine and costume jewellery, unique hats and sunglasses, shoes and handbags from the eras of 1900-1980.  There will also be funky retro home-wares availiable, linen, lace, textiles, collectables and treasures!

Not only will there be fabulous shopping at Love Vintagebut there will also be lots of entertainment and fun!  There will be a  best dressed in vintage competition with wonderful prizes to be won. There will also be tutorials and tips from expert vintage stylists, hairdressers and make-up artists and performances on the stage.

If all the excitement gets too tiring, or you do literally shop ’til you drop, make sure you ‘drop’ in front of the cafe and champagne bar that will be open during the show.

The Love Vintage show starts TONIGHT (October 5th 2012) and finishes this Sunday (October 7th) and is being held at the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton (opposite the Museum).

The times for the show are as follows:
Friday October 5th: 5.30pm – 9.00pm  ‘Opening Evening’
Saturday October 6th: 10.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday October 7th: 10.00am – 4.00pm

Mallory Holley Photography will be attending the show capturing photos of the exciting atmosphere, people and fashion for a magazine publication, so I hope to see you at the Love Vintage show this weekend!

♥ Mallory XXXX

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Lets Go Cruisin’

Rain, hail or shine, if it’s the first Tuesday of the month, the Peninsula Lifestyle Centre comes alive with pre ’75 chrome bumper cars and other special interest cars, including Corvettes, Mustangs, Vipers, Cobras & GT 40 replicas.

With perfect weather this month, how could we resist joining the friendly family atmosphere?  So my partner and I decided to take my 1955 FJ Holden and saved two parks next to us for my Mum, Dad and little brother who brought along their 1959 Cadillac coupe.  Car parks these days don’t seem to cater for the length of my ute, let alone a Cadillac!  We also brought the portable gas cooker along and my wonderful partner cooked up a storm! Well… not really a storm, but saying ‘some snags for dinner’ doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it!

What a great night it was! I got to spend time with my family, partner, my car, catch up with some wonderful car-enthusiasts that also attended the event and admired their stunning cars.

If you are interested in going next month, check out the Let’s Go Cruisin website for more information.  If you don’t have a pre ’75 chrome bumper or special interest car, you are also welcome to attend as off-street parking is also available for spectators and the overflow can park in Bunnings (which is next-door).  Check out this link for more information about the Peninsula Cruise Night & directions:

♥ Mallory XXXX

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A Pig Ate My Homework!

This little piggy stayed at home… with an appetite for destruction!

He may look like a cute study buddy, but leave your homework unattended to on the couch and you shall return to find that this little piggy has gobbled it all up!

Erratic tearing notions are a sure way to regain attention, especially when these precious little pages  have been read, annotated and high-lighted for many hours on end.  With the enthralling textures of soggy paper dabbled with ink, this little piggy is obviously lacking paper, ink and blue-highlighter lids in his diet.  Alternatively, these may be a tastier delicacy than potatoes, grass, grapes and wheetbix; which are usually a few of a pig’s favourite things to eat.

If every dog has his day, then a pig’s gotta do what a pig’s gotta do!

Who needs a paper-shreader when you have got a pig?  
♥ Mallory XXXX

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Hello Kittens!

‘A kiss on the hand mights be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl’s best friend’; were those famous words of Marilyn Monroe.  Now, I’m not saying that I have any objections to diamonds. As a matter of fact, I welcome all the diamond rings in the world; as any girl would I’m sure.  But darlings, where I crumble at the knees and can’t go on is at a good pair of shoes.  In my opinion, bags and shoes are a girl’s best friend.  Especially shoes.  Wouldn’t you agree? 

I cannot walk past a shoe shop, especially when they put that enticing four letter word, “sale” in the window.  However, what’s even more convenient and exciting than a shoe shop, is an online shoe shop!  And the best by far would have to be Shoe Me Gorgeous, hands down.  

Shoe Me Gorgeous was founded in 2011 by a shoe-loving Aussie mum and is based in Adelaide.  The website is the home of many unique, eye-popping shoes that are not the usual plain jane, same shoes as everyone else that you find at the shops.

Shoe Me Gorgeous stocks leading quality brands such as Iron Fist, Pleaser, Ellie Shoes, T.U.K. (pronounced tee-you-kay), Karo, Ramarim and many more! Not only does Shoe Me Gorgeous offer great brands, but the service is just as wonderful! You really do get ‘great prices, great service and gorgeous shoes’.  From just a click of a button, those gorgeous shoes are sent straight to your door!

If you are on facebook, it is well worth following Shoe Me Gorgeous as you will be first to see previews of next seasons shoes, as well as some enticing special offers and discount coupons.  Shoe Me Gorgeous also offers a FREE shoe finding service for those that need the perfect shoes for an upcoming wedding, formal or another very special occasion.  With well over 12,000 fans on facebook, if you are not one of them, you are surely missing out! 

One of my favourite brands that Shoe Me Gorgeous stocks is T.U.K.  These shoes are not only super affordable, but they have a massive range from subtle to sexy, all the way to out there shoes.  A lot of the styles are perfect for pin-up shoots with fun prints, bright colours, bows and polkadots.  Hence, you will see a lot of T.U.K. shoes from Shoe Me Gorgeous being worn in our pin-up & burlesque shoots.

I was going to take a quick snap of one of the gorgeous pairs of T.U.K. shoes with my partner’s cat, Jessicat, but she didn’t want to cooperate. She suffers from intense mood swings. Seriously, she gave me TWO black eyes when I met her, then randomly jumped on my face swinging in the middle of the night.  Jessicat also attacks large dogs across the street, but thats another story. Anyway, Jesscat wasn’t in the mood to be a model, and preferred to sit in the corner, glaring at me.  We still do love her dearly. 

That’s when I noticed my gorgeous fluffy handbag that my partner bought for me recently, out of the corner of my eye.  The cute thing was sitting proudly (and rather plumply) on the table.  Instead, I decided that my cute handbag would be a more practical (and cooperative) solution, since my 2 year old niece thinks its a cat anyway!  

Here is  some snaps to give you a sneaky peak of some gorgeous T.U.K. cat shoes, exclusively available at Shoe Me Gorgeous & what is apparently my cat! 

Oh and here they are again on a random roll of fencing I found.  Did I mention that they come in HEELS AND FLATS?!
The heels are available in two colours from Shoe Me Gorgeous:
Can you believe these cute kitties are available in sizes 6-11 for only $79 with free postage! 

Just you wait and see the shoots that I have planned for these babies! 

Meow for now!

♥ Mallory xoxox

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New Housemates!

I’m really sorry if you came across my blog in a google search, but this has noting to do with the Big Brother television show that is currently running on channel Nine.  Instead, I am going to tell you about the new housemates of our own, that have just moved into our humble little 1950s house; possums! 

Unfortunately they are somewhat shy and like hiding in the ceiling.  We can hear them, but cannot see them.  I can’t wait to actually meet them though.  I’d love to take some photos of my new little friends.  Soon, I’m sure, they will settle right in, and eventually decide to introduce themselves. 

Whilst I am waiting, the thought struck my head to share with you a snap from my iPhone (when it actually did work).  This is a gorgeous little orphan that we rescued earlier this year and took to our local wildlife sanctuary, where he will be well looked after and released into the wild again, when he is old enough to fend for himself.  He enjoyed his ride there in the statesman, where I took this:

Its always nice for a blog post to be accompanied by a picture.  If you cant be bothered reading my ramblings, its always pleasant to just look at the picture.   Especially when it’s as cute as this little guy. I assume he has a similar demeanor to my new housemates.  

I can’t wait until they finally come out to say hello!  

♥ Mallory xoxox

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Marvellous Melbourne

We met up with the lovely Jess from Shoe Me Gorgeous in Melbourne last week. Jess & her cute little toddler son, had come all the way from Adelaide to visit Melbourne for the Shoe Festival.
We took advantage of Jess visiting Melbourne as an excuse to catch up in person, rather than over the phone, as will be photographing some of the stunning T.U.K. styles that Jess stocks in her online Shoe Me Gorgeous store!  Plus, we had an enjoyable night out and dinner whilst admiring the view and the colourful city lights.
I thought I might share with you a photo that I took on the way back to the ute after meeting up with Jess.  I couldn’t help dragging my DSLR along.  It balances out the weight of my hand bag.
Expect some more interesting photos of sassy shoes from Shoe Me Gorgeous and pin-ups soon!
♥ Mallory xoxox
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Check out CRUZIN MAGAZINE issue 143

Some of our snaps from the Lunar Drive-In 6th Annual Show & Shine grace the thick, glossy pages of the September edition of Cruzin Magazine!

The Classic and Rod Club of Vic  hosted it’s 6th Annual Show & Shine at the  Lunar Drive-In, earlier this year.  Situated in the Victorian suburb of Dandenong, this massive  four screen drive-in is actually the largest in Australia!   This year boasted the largest turn-up ever, complimented by the warm, sunny weather that saw many hot rods, customs and classics emerge from their garages!

We attended the evening  with great pleasure, snapping away at all the excitement (as photographers tend to do) and now we are proud to announce that our photographs accompany a wonderful article by the talent of Paul Biagini which is featured on page 60 & 61 in issue 143 of Cruzin Magazine!

If you haven’t got a copy of September 2012 Cruzin Magazine then you better get down to your newsagent pronto!  Alternatively, you may order it online here @Cruzin Magazine 

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Even though the studio is currently being renovated, here is a sneaky peak from one of our recent shoots with the gorgeous Miss Amy!

Although it was pretty good timing that we had concrete floors for this shoot because half the backdrop was naturally there, we are glad to announce that the studio now has a black and white checkered floor.  Just to brag, its looking real spunky with the awesome seamless backdrop that has been custom-designed and built in by a very talented tradie.

We are now on the home straight with a bit of fitting out to do and some more painting.  It won’t be long until we re-open.  I’m just itching to set up my lights again and start shooting!

♥ Mallory xo

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New Studio Update!

Hello all!

I thought I would share with you some exciting news about the new studio, which we are currently renovating to transform this old film production studio on the Mornington Peninsula into an amazing custom photography studio!

Here is a little snap of what it used to look like, which I also shared with you all a while back .  So here is, if you like, the before shot… vola!

Now I could share a “during” photo with you, however that picture would speak a thousand words that I could quite frankly summarise into two.  “Under construction”.
Things do have to look worse before they look better, so I thought I would spare your eyes from the sight of ripped up carpet, a billion boxes of props, bits of wood, paint and the odd feather boa.

Everything is coming together rather well, and the end results will be stunning! I have also taken this “constructive” time to have a little fun and create some more props!   My favourite would be the giant white clam shell that I am painting at the moment because it is going to look absolutely amazing with my mermaid tail costume.  I can’t wait to shoot with it!

lots of love ♥ Mallory xo

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Introducing Miss Tootsie Doll…

Introducing the gorgeous model, artist and burlesque performer Miss Tootsie Doll photographed by Mallory Holley Photography in an “Eye Candy” photo shoot.  What a fun shoot this was, with all things delicious and beautiful including the 1928 Ford Model A Roadster, big swirly lollipops, fairyfloss, more lollipops, sugar and of course Miss Tootsie Doll herself!



Miss Tootsie Doll will be performing at ritesofpassagefestival this year, AND this talented girl is also the headlining performance alongside the actor Robert England (Freddy Kruger) on May the 4th at the Luwow! If you know any horror movie fans you should definitely invite them along! (see poster below).  Pre-sales are avaiiable from Miss Tootsie Doll and The Bad Ladies Boutique, Collingwood.

Miss Tootsie Doll is sponsored by
Licorice and Cream & Cherry Trash Designs.
My oh my are those handmade garments beautiful!

Licorice and Cream is a Melbourne based accessory and pin up lingerie label, specialising in quirky accessories, headwear and knickers for vintage gals!  The knickers and camis we photographed not only look (and my model assured me they also feel) mighty comfortable but they look amazing! From cupcake patterns, snakeskin, leopard print and candy cane stripes, what is not to love? I really recomend you check out their range on their website or from a number of stockists across Australia!

Cherry Trash Designs are based in Brisbane and are simply to die for! They sell super cool t-shirts, necklaces, rings, bows, headpieces and to match the taste-buds of anyone who is bright, quirky, retro, glittery or zombie.  If you don’t fit any of those categories, I’m sure you will still find something you absolutely fall in love with.  I wanted everything I photographed! Check out Cherry Trash Designs on facebook and follow them! Sadly their old page was hacked so their new one is in much need of some facebook love!

lots of love ♥ Mallory xo

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Rights of Passage

Mallory Holley Photography will be attending & covering the Rites of Passage 2012 Tattoo Convention & Arts Festival, which will be held in the Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton Gardens, Melbourne! The Festival is on the 27th -29th April 2012!

The festival ‘celebrates creativity as a means to connect’ through the art of tattoo, music, visual arts and environmental awareness in a ‘dynamic, shared space’.

Rites of Passage 2012 is one festival you don’t want to miss!  The exciting three days will be jam-packed with live tattooing, street and indigenous performances, fashion shows, awards ceremonies, art galleries and retail traders.  One hundred percent of the profits made from this wonderful festival will go toward buying old growth forest and agricultural land which will be replanted with native rainforest.

We sure are going to look forward to covering and photographing this thrilling event!  Hope to see you there!

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oot-fray oops-lay!

Last week, we had Tegan come to our studio, dragging a massive stay-away bag in one hand, and shopping bags full of Frootloops and milk in the other.  Anyone would have thought that she was moving in for at least a month, judging the size of the bag she was dragging.  However, her bag was full of this gorgeous, gutsy gurl’s motocross gear, but she wasn’t going to be riding her bike!

Instead, I had an amazing time with Tegan, photographing her posing with her motocross gear and motocross branded outfits.

You are probably wondering why Tegan had a few boxes of Frootloops with her?  Well, surely such a quantity of the delicious cereal it wasn’t for a snack!  That many Frootloops would fill a mighty big bowl or even a bath!

Ah ha! That’s just what we did! Lucky we had a spare bath laying around!

♥Mallory xox

motorbike goggles photoshoot

motorbike helmet glamour shoot

Copying of this image is prohibited.  Copyright of Mallory Holley Photography.

Copying of this image is prohibited.  Copyright of Mallory Holley Photography.Copying of this image is prohibited.  Copyright of Mallory Holley Photography.

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Front Cover of La Cad Magazine

In honour of the 100th anniversary of the 1912 Cadillac, La Cad Magazine has featured our photograph on it’s cover again.  This time, our work graces the Autumn 2012 edition.  There is also an editorial article about our work inside this wonderful publication on page 15, not to mention a whole heap of other exciting stories, news and articles.  Check it out!

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Mallory Holley Photography will be moving to a new studio!

Our new studio has a lovely bathroom & kitchen and lots of room to shoot, as well as heaps of storage space for our massive range of props and clothing, with plenty of room to add more!

Here’s a sneaky, sneaky peak of what it looks like now, although once we move to our new studio it will be undergoing a full makeover and total customisation.

We will keep you posted with the exciting news!

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Saturday Night at the Drive In, February 25th 2012

On Saturday 25th of Feburary, 2012, It wasn’t just the temperature which was hot in Dromana, thats for sure!

The Dromana Drive In welcomed in approximately 500 really hot cars.  The list included; special interest vehicles, Variety Bash Cars, Hot Rods, Rat Rods, Classic Cars, Muscle Cars and many more!  With all proceeds of tickets and items from the auction supporting the worthy cause of Variety; the children’s charity.  

We were kindly invited to participate in all the fun as one of the many wonderful trade stands.  We brought down our original FJ Holden packed with some of our recent work and albums and created a mini-exhibition.  We had a great night meeting so many new smiling faces and wonderful people.

Great live music was enjoyed by all, and a carnival enjoyed by the children, both big and small.  There were families with picnics and barbecues burning, deck chairs and nibblies, whilst others decided to hit the dance floor and kick up their heels to the rock and roll.  Others went for a walk, checked out the trade stands and admired the hot cars that had rolled up to enjoy the night.

It was amazing that so many car enthusiasts could get together for a fun night whilst supporting such a worthy cause, with many opening their hearts and wallets in the name of charity.  What a wonderful effort you all did, raising around $23,000!

The night would not have been so successful if it had not been for the organisers who kindly volunteered their time to put in a mammoth amount of effort to create such a successful & fun night.  Such an amazing night was, of course topped of with some brilliant fireworks, and of course a movie!

Last Saturday night, is surely a night to remember!

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Support Variety -The Children’s Charity!

Shannons Saturday Night at the Drive In is TOMORROW NIGHT!!! (Saturday 25th Feb). Yes! tomorrow night is the night that the Dromana 3 Drive-In on the Mornington Peninsula will come alive with 500 classic cars, street customs, muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods and other special interest vehicles for a special screening and entertainment.

It sure is going to be a big night! With the gates opening at 3pm & films at dusk, the raffles will start at 8pm and fireworks at 9pm!

We are going to have a mini exhibition there, so make sure you check out our stall and say hi 🙂  You can also check out the other auto trade stands, children’s playground, 2 red hot bands and the 1950s diner.  There will also be some special guest appearances! Make sure you dress up too! There is a competition for the BEST retro/nostalgic fancy dress!

If you are coming along, we look forward to seeing you there! If not, BOOK ONLINE NOW for your tickets & come along to have a great night & Support Variety -the Children’s Charity.

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Lunar Drive-In 6th Annual Show & Shine

The 3rd of February 2012 was the perfect afternoon and evening for the Lunar Drive-in 6th Annual Show & Shine!  Kudos to the Classic & Rod Club of Vic for putting on a great night! It was the biggest turn-up ever! Of course, complemented by some amazing weather that saw many stunning hot rods, muscle cars and classics emerge from their garages and join in all the fun!

Below are some of our snaps from the night for you to enjoy! If you are interested in purchasing any of the photographs from the night, please contact us

Keep your eyes out for Cruzin Magazine!  Amongst the pages of great articles and cool cars will be our photos from a grouse night at the 6th Annual Show & Shine at the Lunar Drive In, Dandenong, Victoria!

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Cool Cars!

We have some COOL CARS (and a few Harleys) that could be used YOUR photo shoot! Some of the beauties that we have available at our fingertips range from original to heavily modified with lots of bling, including:

  • The very first model holden, the notorious 48-215
  • Original FX & FJ Holdens (a growing little collection of them in fact!)
  • 1980 model Corvette
  • Pearl coloured  1959 Cadillac Coupe De Ville
  • 70s HQ Monaro coupe with flames
  • 60s Chevy Impala Coupe with matte black paint, a shaker hanging out of the bonnet & air-bag suspension
  • 1928 Model A Roadster with tunnel-rams
  • 50s Customline Sedan with blower (see picture)
  • 70s Chevy Pickup
  • 50s red coloured Customline convertible with flames
  • 70s Holden “Woody Van” station wagon on air-bag suspension -a great car for beach themed shoots!
  • 70s Holden utes
  • FJ Holden Nostalgic drag car

Won’t your photos look amazing with you posing with one of these cars?

You could also pose with a stunning 70s Harley Davidson bike with lots of chrome plus a brand new one too!

And of course, if you would like a pin-up, couple or family photography with your own pride and joy, no problem!

Cherry Martini & Skye Medusa by Mallory Holley Photography (MUAH Ollie Savage)

Check out our packages or contact us and book your shoot today!

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Lets Go Cruisin’

Guess what?! Tomorrow is the very first Tuesday of February!!! That means that the car park at the peninsula lifestyle centre is going to be jam-packed with hot rods, street machines, American muscle, rat rods, classic cars, Aussie muscle, anything with a chrome bumper and Corvettes too!

It’s a tough choice of which ‘baby’ to pick, but will be taking our lovely original green 1955 FJ along tomorrow and joining in all the fun!  Come over and say hello!  You can have a flick through our photo albums that we will have on display and catch up with all the latest goss!

Hope to see you there & looking forward to an amazing night!  (Plus its my birthday so it’s going to be a good night!)

lots of love ♥ Mallory xoxoxooxox


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Centrefold Shoot for La Cad Magazine

Last night we had the pleasure of photographing Tony’s stunning 1966 Cadillac Coupe Convertible, at a scenic beach on the Mornington Peninsula under the golden rays of the setting sun.

Our photography from last night’s shoot of Tony’s pride and joy will be featured on the centrefold  of La Cad Magazine this coming Autumn, so look out! 🙂

Check out our cars page for more photographs from Tony’s cadillac shoot!

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“Everything happens for a reason…”

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”
―Marilyn Monroe

Excited to take the tinnie out and finally go fishing with my partner, we hooked up the trailer and headed toward the boat ramp.  It had been a long day where nothing seemed to go “right” for both of us, so the best cure we thought would be some fishing! And hopefully a “fishy wishy for my dishy” too! Think again.

On the way we decided to get fuel.  Lost in creative thought, I remained in the truck.  Suddenly my partner bolts past me with a tiny jerry can.  Ours had a small hole in it at the bottom and was leaking! So I held my finger over the hole and carefully we poured it into the teeny-weeny jerry can my partner had spontaneously purchased out of sheer necessity.  The jerry can didn’t hold much, so after an awkward ten minutes or so and similarly to our jerry can, our discovery that bikini tops were also neither practical or functional (but we won’t go there), we finally were able to squeeze the rest of the fuel in the boat and were soon on our way again.

Eventually we launched the tinnie.  We parked the truck, paid for a ticket and all that.  The tinnie didn’t want to go.  For two hours we tried starting it, attempting to fix it, attempted to fish off the pier and ate potato chips.  With no success (except for the consumption of chips), back on the trailer it went and home we went.

We arrived just in time to enjoy the view below! We would not have seen it if we had have got the tinnie to start! (My partner is a very keen fisherman and no doubt we would have still been fishing).  I grabbed one of my cameras out of the house and went running across paddocks to capture it.  So the moral of my little story is everything happens for a reason.

♥ Mallory XXXX

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! What a great year 2011 has been!

Finally we can show off our vintage vixens from last year!
(many shoots were christmas presents for boyfriends, mothers, daughters etc…)

So much excitement, inspiration and positive experiences lies ahead for 2012! Heaps of quirky and unique shoots have already been booked for burlesque and pin-up styles, as well as car, wedding and event shoots.  An amazing year looks like it lies ahead, so welcome to the new year!

lots of love ♥ Mallory xo

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Rad retro stall @ Santa Cruz! Heaps of specials!

Mallory Holley Photography will be hosting an rad retro stall at the Lets Go Cruisin’ Santa Cruz on Tuesday 6th December 2011.  Come along for some wicked specials on photo shoots!  Also see some sleek hot rods, street customs, American and Aussie Muscle cars and much more!

Have the chance to WIN some amazing prizes!  Mallory Holley Photography will be donating some photo shoot vouchers the charity raffle!

The details are below! 

Mark the date on your calendars and highlight it in fluro pink!  It is an event not to be missed!

Santa Cruz

Santa Cruises to the December ‘Peninsula Cruise Night’

Join Let’s Go Cruisin’ for some Christmas Cruisin’ at Santa Cruz at the Peninsula Lifestyle Centre, cnr Bungower Rd & Nepean Hwy Mornington on the 1st Tuesday in December from 5:00pm – 9:00pm.

LGC is VicRoads approved for red plate events
(all CR, H & SR vehicles)

Santa Cruz

Lets Go Cruisin’ have arranged:

  • Family entertainment in the car park. We suggest you being a rug or chairs for the kids, big and small, to sit on in front of the stage. Chairs to the rear please.
  • Santa Claus will arrive at 7:00pm. Parents wishing to have Santa give a present to their children [12 y.o. and under] should wrap an item [value no more than $5 please] with your child’s name and age clearly marked and drop it off to our members at the LGC tent.
  • Santa handed out so many presents last year, he asked for some helpers this year. After he arrives, we’ll be asking children to arrange themselves into age groups to receive their present. We’d appreciate parent’s helping Santa to do this.
  • The raffle prize for this night is a Cruisin’ themed Christmas Tree complete with presents. It will definitely be worth taking home. We also have a number of overflowing hampers and other goodies for runner up prizes. All proceeds from this raffle will donated to a local charity. Tickets can be purchased at the LGC tent for $5 each. All entrants will receive one free ticket at the gate. LGC Cruisers will receive one ‘free’ bonus ticket.
  • We will have Santa Cruz stubby holders available at the Let’s Go Cruisin’ tent. They are $8 each.
  • There will be a BBQ outside the Sober Mule Café as well as meals and take away food inside.
  • If it’s wet, Santa will still visit and the cruise night will still be in full swing, so come along anyway!
  • All this for $5/car for Santa Cruz entrants, including LGC Cruisers.

Spectators and Visitors.

  • Off street parking for non pre ’75 entrants will be available within the Lifestyle Centre complex as well as in Bunnings adjacent. Look for the signs & marshals.
  • There will be a $2/adult entry for non cruise entrants for this night

So come along to the Santa Cruz and you’ll be able to check out Santa’s hot rod sleigh as well as lots of cool cars, take home a great Xmas Tree or lots of other prizes all the while being entertained.

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Threads and Tangles

Recently I was given the task to photograph some stunningly detailed quilts and creations by Lee Vause.  The detail of these works are just brilliant!  I also took a portrait of her to put on her Threads and Tangles website.  You can check out my photographs of her amazing works of art on my promote your business page!   I really do recommend that  you check out her Threads and Tangles website too!
                                                                                                                              ♥ Mallory xo


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Hello and welcome to my blog.  My name is Mallory Holley and I am a lover of all things vintage and retro.  I am also obsessed with classic and muscle cars, especially Cadillacs and Corvettes.

Additionally, I love to embrace every day of my life with creativity.  I enjoy writing, drawing, sewing, painting and fiddling with cars.  However, most of the time I’m taking photos of pretty much anything and everything. If I’m not doing that, I’m usually editing them.  I am a photographer, after all and I truly enjoy what I do.

Oh! By the way I look like this:

I do hope that you enjoy my blog and the future posts that I write for you.  Feel free to comment on any of my posts to let me know what you think.  Don’t be shy!

If you require any further information about my photography, or are interested in booking a shoot please do not hesitate to contact me. 

♥ Mallory xox

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